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Ken: Hooray! Jen finally got to update this cool fanfic! By a good friend of her's, Kimmy-chan! ^_^

Jenn: Yep! I am so happy! She is an awesome writer! ^_^

Omi: Don't forget though! Jenn-chan still needs some Fanfics for her site! So please send them in! At Aya Fujimiya!

Youji and Aya-kun: Remember, any fanfic is welcomed!!! So please...Send them to her! ^_^ Arigatou!

First off, I'd like to thank Kimmy-chan for making this possible...because without her we'd have no fanfic!

Omi: How beautiful! ::sobs::

Aya-kun: ::backs away slowly and heads for the exit door only to be blocked by Youji::

Youji: Hee hee, not so fast! ^_^

Ken: ::hugging Omi:: Calm down...

Omi: It's just so beautiful!

. . .Uh, Omi? I didn't even finish yet. . . O_o

Omi: Really?! Oh! Okay! ::gets all cheerful::

. . .Kay, uh, well, right. O_o Anyway!
Thanks Kimmy for contributing!

Now! Onto to Kimmy-chan's Fanfic!

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