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Fanart Section! ^_^

Konnichi wa Minna! I finally got to updating my site! And have actually gotten another person to contribute to my site! THANK YOU!!!

ALSO! I posted up ONE of my many fanarts! ( x.x!)

Please Remember ANY Anime-related Fanart is accepted! ^_^

Youji: MMm...Yeah. Send in some fanart of James of Pokemon...I mean he has the looks like me ::poses:: But I'm hotter. ^_~

Ken: -_- Ano...Youj-kun no Baka...-_-

Aya-kun: -_- I agree...

Omi: -_- Jenn....Could you please continue...

Ano...It's quite all right...I'm done! ^__^ So Please! Send in some fanart!


Youji: No...I am... *_

Omi: Nani!?

::Youji and Omi glare at each other as if the other will tear the other's hair out!::

Ken and Aya-kun: -_- Oh Boy...Not this again...

Anyway--!! Here are the fanarts! ^_^ Enjoy!

Artist: Veronica Qwek

Artist: Michelle Chan

Artist: Webmistress ~Jenn-chan~

Nice artworks, right? ^_^ Any artwork is welcomed...well as long as it is related to ANIME!

Oh! Remember! ANY fanart is excepted!!!

If it is Yaoi related. I will make a seperate section. Trust me, I know some people are offended by yaoi...Although I love it! ^_^*

Youji, Aya, Omi, and Ken: O_o You like yaoi!? Ahh! What will become of us!?

Don't worry..hee hee hee...All right then!

That is all for now!!! Come back soon!

I want to go back-- HOME!!!