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(This page is always under construction!)
Tasha von Schwartz, Hip Prelims Fair, pictured at 16mos

Bred by Ron Hudson(V-Iso von der Ajona Hutte SchH3, KKL-1, OFA Good x Paluca von Hagenburg BH, "a" normal)
I just wanted you to know that Tasha is doing well. She is a great protector of the yard already and she loves to play ball. I had her out this morning working with her on her commands and playing fetch with her. She ate well this morning and is getting along well with Bo. She is not very good with the cats yet, but that will come in time. We are very pleased with her and are thankful to you for letting us purchase her. Thanks, Kim. Tasha is loved by Kim & family of CA.

Tinka von Schwartz, Hip prelims GOOD

Bred by Diane Rievera(Levi of Judah's Pride Prelims GOOD x Astra v. Schwartz)
Hi Olga:
Tinka had her first night here and did very well. She slept by the kitchen door on her new bed with her new chew toy. When I woke up this morning and went to check on her, she had a bag of potatoes all about her bed with potatoe skins hanging from her mouth!
All in all, she is adapting very well and she is very well behaved. (except for the potatoe bag which we feel is our fault for leaving out). We will be working with her today on more training. She is a lovely dog and we already adore her.
We will keep you updated on her. Anything else you feel you would like us to know or any helpful hints, feel free to drop us a note anytime.
Thankyou again for allowing us to purchase her. Already our cat and Tinka have been eye to eye from a distance and no growls from either party. They are checking each other out. Tinka got a little excited this morning around the baby when I was holding him. I think she just wanted to be a part of the hugs and kisses...
We will introduce her slowly to Drake, our son. Drake was not bothered by her at all!
Have a good day
Tinka is owned and loved by Gail, Steve and Drake of CA.

SG-Burnt Oaks Coby, OFA GOOD H/E prelims, pictured at 18mos.

Bred by Leslie Lewis(V-1 Jello v. Gleisenauer Schloss SchH1, KKL-1, "a" fast normal x SG-1 Xelina von der Roten Matter BH, "a" normal)
Hi there!I hope that you are doing OK missing your boy! I stayed up with him last night until 3 A.M. just bonding with him and getting to know him!This morning he is already starting to follow me around everywhere! He LOVES Tristan (my other shepherd) They have been chasing each other and playing on and off everytime I let them out! It is so evident that this was meant to be. I am sure that he misses you greatly, but hopefully having a new owner that is also a female and will spend a lot of time "doing" things with him, it will make the transition easier!I am already amazed at how comfortable he feels with me.....he LOVES to give me unexpected kisses! I am excited to take him to "his lake house" this weekend! He has a really nice lifejacket (that he will look so handsome in)!I will carry treats and balls around with me over the next several days and just make being with me "fun"! I think that is the best way to bond with a dog during the adjustment period! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we are both extremely happy (but sleepy). Thank you again for entrusting me with such a great dog! I know that you will miss him, but I will see to it that he lives the life he deserves! Coby is owned and loved by Julie of Kansas!

Charge von Schwartz, Hip Prelims GOOD, pictured at 6mos

(V-Lenzo von Fichtenschlag SchH3, FH, KKL-1, "a" normal x Int CH. V-1 Quana v. Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Olga, What a doll Charge is! She is an absolute teddy bear. She's fluffier and huskier than was apparent in the pictures. I love her coloring!
She had a picnic on the grass at the airport. I had brought a dish and some of her Nutro. She scarfed it right down. I also had a bag of treats from our doggie health food store that we take Misty to...those disappeared very quickly too.
The introductions went well. Misty was very gracious. Charge has been doing a little growling. We have scolded her for that, and she would stop. Of course they aren't friends yet, but it certainly was a very positive start.
We couldn't be more pleased. Charge snuggled for a good part of the way home. She is going to fit right in here.
What a long trip for her today. There was some sort of delay in getting the plane unloaded, so it was a half hour before she was delivered to us. It seemed like forever.
You'll be hearing more Charge stories soon. Thanks again for working with us and accomplishing everything so efficiently. You are a most remarkable young lady. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you.
Charge is owned and loved by Gail and Joe of FL.

Dylan von Schwartz, Pictured at 6wks, Service dog in training

(2003 North American Sieger VA-1 Superioue's Zathan BHP3, KKL-1, OFA "GOOD" x Int CH. V-1 Quana vom Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Hi Olga! :) How have you been? Hope all is well! I finally bought myself my first camcorder last thursday *happy dance* it takes (pretty decent) still pictures too. Naturally I have been playing with it & what better subjects then two GSD's??! :) At 11 months old... he looks like he is an adult!! Well, until you take a second look at that handsome baby face! :) I have a ‘Krycek brag’, last Friday some woman we do not know (we think she was on drugs) just walked into our house uninvited! Krycek put his head through the banister rails & hung his head over the front door... then let out a "GET OUT" round of barking!!! We have people walk in our house every day because of our daycare he never has that reaction! He positions himself above the door so that he can kiss people on their foreheads before they even know he is there. ;) He new the woman was unwanted... boy did she leave quickly & slammed the door behind her! *grin* My girl was right next to him, but didn't even let out a peep. We are so proud of Krycek!! Knowing the difference between safe & unsafe people at just 11 months of age! He is growing into the perfect GSD, we are just so happy with him! :) talk with you soon. Krycek is owned and loved by Trilby and family of CA. He is a service dog in training.

VP (2003 WDA Sieger Show) - Dascha von Schwartz, Pictured at 5mos

(2003 North American Sieger VA-1 Superioue's Zathan BHP3, KKL-1, OFA "GOOD" x Int CH. V-1 Quana vom Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Hi Olga, It's late (10:20pm) so I thought I would shoot an email instead of calling. We all made it home safely although traffic was terrible. We stopped once and let Dascha go to the bathroom. She did great. As I told you we all went to a "Game Night" function that we do once a month. It's a bunch of grade school kids that come and play computer games. Dascha had a great time with all the kids. She was able to take a nap in a roomful of chaos with about 25 kids. All of the adults, including, myself were in awe of her. My goal was to wear her out so she would be really tired and not suffer too much separation anxiety. She is doing great. I have her in a crate with both kids sleeping on the floor next to her. Both of my kids, and especially my daughter are quickly establishing a strong bond with her. She's an awesome dog. Thank you so much for letting her be part of our family. Dascha is owned by Kevin and family of San Diego, CA.

Eva von Schwartz, pictured at 8wks

(2003 North American Sieger VA-1 Superioue's Zathan BHP3, KKL-1, OFA "GOOD" x Int CH. V-1 Quana vom Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Hi Olga! Sorry I've not written sooner...been a bit busy. ;-) Everything is going great here with Eva...she's fitting-in wonderfully to our home & life! She rode the entire way home in my lap, cuddled & content. When we finally got here (just one stop on the way for gas), she walked around the front room & yard as if she'd always lived fear, no hesitation, just confident! That night and every one since, she sleeps in a poofy bed on the floor next to mine. We get-up a few times to go out for potty...she's doing well with that too because we're always here to take her out and praise her. She's so smart...she knows to do her bizness the first thing when she walks outdoors. Each time since the first night that I've shown her a new part of the house and its property, she's just as self-assured. She enjoys being outside and inside as well...we've been able to spend time in both parts because fortunately the weather has been so nice since Sunday. She LOVES Dino as he does her. At first, they were romping & frolicking constantly, but now they are oftentimes cool around each other...platzing and taking naps. Yay! Milou the cat is still arching and growling, but Eva pays her no mind. Both of them sleep in my room overnight, while Dino guards the rest of the house. I could *not* be more pleased with this puppy! You are to be commended many times over, and I thank you so much for your diligence in selecting this repeat breeding so I could have this baby girl! I will be sending you pix, testimonials for your site, and more...soon. Eddie has to be away for a week so I am going to be very busy devoting my entire time to Eva and Dino each day...and I couldn't be happier! We go to our vet in the morning...I've already told his office staff that you prepared a vacc chart so it should be smooth going from here on. Hope all is going well with you. Did Quana look around for Eva? How are the other special pups? I think of you all often. Hugz, Jolie. Eva is owned and Loved by Jolie and family of Santa Barbara, CA.

Earnhardt von Schwartz, pictured at 3 months

(2003 North American Sieger VA-1 Superioue's Zathan BHP3, KKL-1, OFA "GOOD" x Int CH. V-1 Quana vom Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Hi Olga, Earnhardt is doing so good. We have taken him all over the place and you were right.... he just loves everyone. He has been a pleasure in the house.... no accidents. I have buffalo marrow bones laying everywhere so he rarely attempts to chew on anything "off limits". He loves to ride in the car. Last night he slept nine hours in the kennel and didnt make a peep. I took him out this morning and both of his ears were standing. I took a ton of pictures... I tried to download all of them today and my USB cord is broken... so I have to buy a new one tomorrow. Anyway, his ears have stayed up all day. He looks so handsome right now... The other dogs are tolerating him... my Chi was eating a marrow bone and he tried to paw it away and she went after him... he was very calm and left her alone instead of reacting. As soon as I get these pics on the computer I will send some to you. He looks so good! Talk soon. Kato is owned and loved by Kelly and family of Washington State.

Einstien von Schwartz, pictured at 2yrs

(2003 North American Sieger VA-1 Superioue's Zathan BHP3, KKL-1, OFA "GOOD" x Int CH. V-1 Quana vom Haus Dexel SchH1, KKL-2, "a" normal)
Hello Olga! I see you decided to breed Quana again...that's great! She certainly produces beautiful pups! I wish Brian and I were able to buy her from you when you were selling her, but unfortunately, we just couldn't afford it at the time. Just wanted to update you on Mr. Fuzzy....he is actually doing quite well. He is still suspicious of strangers but his barking has decreased significantly. He learns to just takes him some time. His obedience, however, is phenomenal, particularly his recall. And, he just got a new little sister....out of Urban von Gleisenauer Schloss. I was going to wait for your next litter, but I thought it might be a while. Anyways, Einstein looooooves her and he is wonderful with her. By the way, Einstein has been in perfect health since we got him. He really has had ZERO problems. Absolutely nothing. I have never had a dog so healthy and well put together. He really is doing well. Here are a couple recent pics. I hope you are well and good luck with your next litters! Einstein is owned and loved by Shannon, Brian and Taylor in NH.

Hung Ch. V-1 Hillary van Contra IPO1, KKL-1, "a"

(V-1 Zoltan v. Haus Geltinger SchH3, KKL-1 x Hung Ch. VA-2 Gazdapataki Meggi IPO1, KKL-1)
***Note: Hilly was placed in a wonderful retirement home at 5yrs old after recovering from Kidney failure***

Dear Olga, Hilly, is GREAT! Hilly is enjoying her new home. Will bought a new sleeve which Hillary enjoys; it has built up her confidence level. You would never believe she is 5 yrs old she acts like a puppy. Did you know that she loves the water....when we take her for walks she will jumps into the lake. Hilly is loved by everyone on campus; she sometimes goes to work with Will. Hillary is gaining weight, it is slow but steady. I know we are coming close to her coming into heat. Could you please give me an idea of when? This way I can schedule her for her spading. Hilly is owned and loved by Pamela and Will of CA.