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The Family of John Thomas Vivrett

The Descendants of Lancelot Vivrett

With a focus on the descendants of John Thomas Vivrett

The earliest recorded Vivrett(also spelled Viverett and Viverette) was Thomas. No one knows with any certainty where he came from. Family lore says he is a French Huguenot who came to America from Ireland. What we do know based on early American records is that Thomas Viverett married the widow, Elizabeth Hickman Dew around 1770. This union produced several sons and daughters. Only three sons lived long enough to carry on the Vivrett name: Lancelot, Micajah, and James. The first two migrated to Wilson County, Tennessee, following the death of their father. James remained in North Carolina. The descendants of James spell their name Viverette, while the offspring of the older brothers spell their names Vivrett and Vivrette.

Lancelot Vivrett(1773-1838) married Mary Polly Hickman and had the following children:

Lancelot Alanson Vivrett
Thomas Vivrett
Henry Vivrett
William D. Vivrett
Micajah Thomas Vivrett

Micajah Thomas Vivrett

Micajah Thomas Vivrett was born on January 21, 1806 in Jackson County, Georgia. When his father left Nash County, North Carolina, he made his way first to Georgia and then to Wilson County, Tennessee. Micajah Thomas Vivrett died in August 1867. He married Elizabeth Wall(1807-?) and had the following children:

Patrick Vivrett (1830-1904)
Mary Vivrett(1832-?)
Jasper Vivrett(1833-1864)
Rebecca Vivrett(abt 1834-?)
William D. Vivrett(1835-1910)
Margret Vivrett(abt. 1836-?)
Thomas Micajah Vivrett(1838-1879)
Elizabeth Vivrett (1840-?)
Micajah Vivrett(1843-?)
John Thomas Vivrett (1844-1921)
Beatrice Vivrett (1848-1923)
Almon Vivrett (1849-?)
Lancelot Bird Vivrett (1851-1926)

John Thomas Viverette

John Thomas Vivrett was born November 27, 1844 in Lebanon, Tennessee. He died in Waco, Texas, on Oct. 28, 1921. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Rogers (1856-1953)and had the following children:

Lola Bird Vivrett(??-??)
William Newton Vivrett(1876-1961)
Marquerite Ann Vivrett (1880-1972)
Macager Louis Vivrett (1888-1964)

William Newton Vivrett was born Feb. 13, 1876, in Waco, Texas. He died May 4, 1961 in Dallas County, Texas. He was married to Lola Smith (1880-1967) and had the follwing children:

William Newton Vivrett, Jr. (1898-1985)
Clemence Vivrett (1902-?)

Macager Louis Vivrett was born July 19, 1888, in Waco, Texas. He died December 11, 1964, in Waco. He was married to Mary Kate Green and had two children:

Mary Elizabeth Vivrett (1917-living)
Macager Louis Vivrett, Jr. (1918-living)

Mary Elizabeth Vivrett was born on July 7, 1917 in Waco, Texas. She now lives in Bryan, Texas, where everyone knows her as "Missie." Through her marriage to Ivan Thayer Collier (1909-1984) she had two daughters and two sons:

Gwendolyn Sue Collier(1941-1992)
Robert Thayer Collier(1943-living)
John Louis Collier(1972-living)
Elizabeth Ann Collier(1957-living)


Grandchildren of Missie Vivrett Collier

Gwendolyn's Children

David Charles Steele
Karla Kay Singer Pruitt

Robert's Children

Robert Thayer Collier
William Leslie Collier

Elizabeth's Children

Kathryn Elizabeth Dunlap
Donald Conrad Dunlap, III

Great Grandchildren of Missie Vivrett Collier
Kayla Kristine Pruitt
Christopher Coleman Pruitt

Macager Louis Vivrett, Jr. was born September 24, 1918, in Waco, Texas. He was married to Merle Gertrude McGowen (1923-1998) and has three children:

Macager Louis Vivrett, III
John Jarrell Vivrett
Marilyn Sue Vivrett

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