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DragonballZ and Gundam Wing


I don't have any time to update my site much anymore, but I will be trying to.

I was talking to this person called Lady Lyn and she has an plan for the future for everyone. She calls it a utopia. .Lady Lyn: Ruler of a new world



Check it out, all the pilots


Anyway, here is my stuff. Enjoy!

Gundam Wing Pics-

Dragonballz Pics


Dbz story line
Gundam Wing story line
Gundam Wing info/opinion
Dbz info/opinion
Name Puns

My Games

Poor Yam-cha



Okay, I know this site is horrible and I will be updating it very soon, so hold on for just a little longer.

4:20!! Whoooo. Party on. Get your freak on!






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