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Scared Of You

I see you there, and I can't believe something like
this could've happend to me.
I never knew you existed.
Yes I admit it I am scared. Of everyone. Including
Yet I love you. I want you to hold me in your arms. I
want you to tell me that you love me. That you care
about me. I want to feel you next to me.

Time has past, our friendship continues. Our minds
grow, but our bodies don't. Yet you still love me.
Like the first time you saw me.

There in the rocks, dying. As soon as you saw me, you
knew you loved me and you couldn't let me die.
I thank you for that.

I love you. You know I do. You also know I'm scared of
you, even when you hold me.

Before going to sleep I cry. For what else can I do?

Tell me my love! Because I love you!

I'm spending all my life with you, I don't want to be
Please tell me what to do.
I am scared of you!