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Anime Questions

Serena and Darien's Love Quiz

1. Where did Darien and Serena meet in the 21st century?

At School
At the hospital
There parents introduce them
They bumped into each other

2.Serena and Dariens daughter name is?


3.What is Darien's nickname for Serena?

Doughtnut Head
Meatball Head
Princess girl

4.When Darien had to leave to the U.S for college, what did he give Serena?

Star Locket
Engadgement Ring
Gold Necklace
Promise Ring

5.In sailor Moon R what object brought drien's memory back from the spell of Queen Beryl

Moon Spiral Heart Rod
Imperium Silver Crystal
Crescent Moon Wand
Star Locket">

6.What did Tuxedo Mask do at the end of Sailor Moon R movie that healed Sailor Moon?

Kissed her on the lips with the necor of Fiors life
Prayed that Sailor Moon would come back to life
Asked the Sailor Scouts to give some of their life energy to Sailor Moon
Pulled out the Star Locket and let it played

7.Why does Darien love Serena?

Because she is the Princess
Because she is full of life and dreams
It's his destiny to be with her
Because he has too

8. What was the reason why Darien broke up with Serena in R season?

He didn't like her any more
She annoyed him,he got bored with her
He didn't break up with her
He kept on having dreams about Serena getting hurt

9.What does Darien want to see in Serena


10.What wa the first thing Serena through at Darien?

Her test paper with a bad grade on it
Her shoe
A dougnut
Her Book bag

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