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Group Quotes

Rini-Oh Yuck, Serena's getting kissed how gross
Rei-look at miss fish lips all pucker up like some
Amy-this isn't right guys we're spying stop come on lets go
Mina-You'll ruin everything
Amy-We're not being a very good example for Rini, we should go
Lita-you bail when the best parts comin but we're staying
Rei-would you guys knock it off, there gonna hear us

Serena-Darien did you see it was raining rose petals
Fiore-Hey it's been along time Darien, too long
Serena-Are you friends
Darien-uh no
Fiore-I never forgot
Fiore-It took me a long time but I kept my promise I finally found a flower worthy of our friendship
Fiore-that's right I vow to return with flowers for you too
Fiore- it's still the most beautiful gift anyone has given me Darien
Darien- I'm sorry i have no idea what your talking about
Fiore- you must remember, I promised you
Serena-ok your done I need my pocket to myself now, ta ta strangoy
Fiore- nice try
Darien-huh, Sereeena
Girls- Noooooo
Rei-Coward come back here
Lita-you should be a ashamed it's not right to push people
Fiore-no ones going to prevent me from keeping my promise, no one

Serena-oh i wonder what it is, there seem to be some kind of connection between these two, Dariens not allowed to have secrets
Rei-why because you can't keep one to your save your life
Serena-what uhh
Lita- I think that guy is some kind of whacko
Mina-maybe Serena is right, there did seem to be a connection between them
Lita-Serena did Darien mention this guy
Serena-no well we don't talk about his past very much, I guess, he said it was to lonely
Amy-that's strange seeing how everyone is in love with him
Rei-everybody including you

Rini-oh boy she sleeps like she's dead, well at least she doesn't snore, come on Serena get up(pluggs up Serena's nose with paper tissue and stickes them up her nose)
Serena-ahh huhhuh
Rini-about time you woke up
Serena-are you trying to kill me, I wasn't sleep ping
Rini-could of fool me didn't want you to miss the fight
Serena- it's still on
Rini-yeah and they need help
Serena-Moon Crystal
Rini-oh dipzoy
Serena- I'm a little busy here what is it you brat
Rini-thanks for saving my life, your a pal now do your thing Moon Mamma
Serena-uh huh, Moon Crystal Power