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Darien and Serena Quotes

Nightmare in Dreamland
Serena: Nice Breaks.
Darien: Do you mind?
Serena: Aren't you a little old for this?
Darien: You should talk, atcually, this is exactly where you belong, meatballhead.
Raye: Of Course, that's the perfect name for her, meatball head.
Darien: I think it kind of fits.
Serena: Stop! Don't Call me meatball head. You're a pain, Darien. An even bigger pain than my so call friend Raye. What are you doing playing Choo-Choo anyway you look like a big dork!
Darien: I don't know why I bother talking to you. I'm out of her at the next stop.
Serena: Driver, Hurry Up. We've got to lose some dead weight back here.

Crystal Clear Destiny
Serena: There's Darien! There's a bee on your back! Its gone now.
Darien: Thank You. I hate bees. I apperciate it Meatballhead.
Serena: Stop calling me that. I get it enough from Raye. I don't need it from you.
Darien: I won't say it anymore. I have to go. Bye, Serena.
Serena: Darien was nice to me. What's this? This is blood! He's hurt, must be bad! He's not himself. I'll follow him to see if he is alright.

Serena: There's only one choice. No fun getting toasted! Your going down Zoicyite! Moon Prisim Power!
Darien: It's her! Serena's Sailor Moon
Zoicyite: What a pity! I'll just tell Beryl it was an accident, she won't mind with all seven crystals.
Sailor Moon: Hold it!
Zoicyite: Who's that?
Sailor Moon: It takes more than a fireball to get rid of Sailor Moon. You should know that by now. I am Sailor Moon, enemy of the negaverse and that means you.!
Zoicyite: How ironic! It isn't you that I want but your pal tuxedo mask!
Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask? He's not even here, Zoicyite!
Darien: Yes, I am!
Sailor Moon: No Way!
Darien: I am Tuxedo Mask!
Sailor Moon: You are?
Darien: Un-huh!
Sailor Moon: He's is Tuxeo Mask I don't believe it! Cranky old Darien, my dream hunk this is going to take some adjusting too.

Sailor Moon: Nooooo!!! Tuxedo Mask!!
Tuxedo Mask: It's up to you now to get the crystals
SailorMoon: un huh.
Tuxedo Mask: and I want you to know that I've always been on your side and always will be.
Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask, no please don't go...

Sailor Moon R movies "The Promise Of The Rose"
6 year old Darien:=Crying=" Who are you"?
3 year old Serena: "My name is Serena,...why are you crying"?
6 year old Darien:"My friend is leaving,and I won't see him again, he's the only friend I got"
3 year old Serena:"No he isn't, cause from now on I'll be your friend too,my mummy just had a baby boy today and I got her some roses,.. here, it's a present"
6 year old:"thanks Serena"

Sailor Moon R movie,The Promise of the Rose
Darien-what huh
Serena- I said this flower is called forgetmenot
Darien-oh yeah forgetmenots, there nice
Serena- know what they stnad for
Serena- they stand for true love in the language of flowers
Darien-(small laugh) the language of um, hmmm, nobody back there, ok(clears throat)
Sailor Crystal Moon