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Royal Cats

Welcome to the Royal Cats page. Here you can find info and some pictures of them.

Luna:Is an black cat who found the sailor scout of the Moon, which is Sailor Moon, literally the second scout. She is one of the guardian cats, whose owner is Serena( Sailor Moon).Luna can be harsh sometimes, she uses her claws to get Serena going, she is also tough on her.

Artemis: A white cat who found Sailor Venus. He is also one of the guardian cats. His owner is Mina( Sailor Venus).

Diana: A grey cat, who parents are Luna and Artemis.She is the guardian of Rini(Serena).She is a very cute kitty who is very fun to play with says Rini.She came from the future with Rini when she came back to be trained as a Sailor Scout( Sailor Chibi Moon( Sailor Mini Moon in N/A).

Down below are a few pictures of theose royal cats.

Sailor Crystal Moon