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And If

You are my sunshine,
My light at the beginning of everyday.
You are my longing breath,
The exhale I so deeply crave.
You are the moon in my sky,
The shining in my vacant darkness.
You are the softness in a whisper,
That keeps harshness at a distance.

You are my compass at sea,
Whenever I am lost, you are my North.
My body reaches for your touch,
You are my feeling and emotion.
If a flower was to be,
You would be the fragrance.
If a clown was to laugh,
You would be the smile.
If a bird was to sing,
You would be that song.
And if a sunset could blossom,
You would be the vibrant color.

You are my longing day,
That keeps me from persisting night.
You are my sweet in chocolate,
That melts in my mouth and not in my hands.
And my trust in you is strong,
Like the ancient mountains that still stand.
The stars in the sky belong to you,
In the mere blackness you are radiant light.
You are the joy at tearfall,
Where every moment counts.
You are my lake of calmness,
I can rest in your wind.

If a child was to dance,
You would be the steps.
If a hand was to care,
You would be the comfort.
If a tide was to sweep ashore,
You would be the current.
And if a woman was to fall in love,
You would be the man.

Written by:Moon princess