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LAST UPDATED [12.14.00 @ 7.12 am]

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  • Wow...awesome. I finally figured out my AngelFire web account login and password. It's been like, YEARS since I've updated this thing. In any case, I debated taking the content down, since it's old as hell, but I figure I might as well leave it here for posterities sake. The new website is at
  •'s been a long time, but I finally added a new pic!
    See Gallery 6.
  • Finals are coming!! I always ponder what the hell
    I've been doing over the last 3 months.
  • The new site is up with a new design and new format.
  • The new site is up! Check out
  • Check out for
    some of my HTML/Javascript work...really sweet.
  • I have a LOT of backed up artwork
    waiting for me to work on...once it is done, I will post.
  • Thanks to the people who have been
    checking back! I appreciate it, plz gimme feedback!
  • Check back...[]DeAcE.

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