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We no longer need any staff members we have plenty

Welcome to Ultimate DBZ Web please do not steal any of my images just Email me and give me credit we will have lots of things like TRANSLATED DBZ roms and all the info you could want and a constent update and now are reopening the staff jobs so go to staff and fill out the fourm we will get back to you soon.

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-Tank Game!


05/29/00--UltraPiccolo-Made a brand new layout hope you like it.

05/21/00-UltraPiccolo-I was gone for a very long time but back for good i am going to update every page and put the broken link pages up so this is one big update.

5/22/00 Hey its MrPoPo Here.I am workin on the romz section.I am planning to add a few more romz to it so be sure to check out that section


Sorry guys MrPoPo here.I have been gone for a long tome and havent made any updates to my section.But I am back and I am makeing a few small updates.When we get our domain name expect a BIG update.Later People!

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