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Tasukitty's Shrine to the Bishonen Bandit

Ohayo Minna-SAN!! since animenation has decided that they'd rather squeeze a couple extra bucks out of it's users rather than continuing to grow, my e-mail has changed. i can be reached at And i am finally back at college with my lovely t1 connection so i should be getting updating pretty soon! ^_^*

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Edea! Selfless and stong-willed, you have the ability
to do a lot of good. Luckily for the world, that's usually your
intention. If you were ever corrupted by evil, we would all be in
serious trouble. On top of all that, you're pretty sexy.

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tasukitty got their NeoPet at
tasukitty got their NeoPet at
tasukitty got their NeoPet at

Also since there seems to an increase in intrest in my music on this page and my gallery im just going to say this now. FEEL FREE TO BE A BANDIT! not stealing my entire webpage is a good idea though. Take with discretion cause i'm a fellow bandit and you want to be like the bandits of Mt. Reikakau, not the evil ones of the opposing mountian! okay? okay! enjoy! ;P

You seem to be the only one on Earth that knows about Zim's evil plot. You're also incredibly smart.
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All charachters are copyrighted and owned by Watase Yuu and Flower comics, etc, etc. Buy the official tapes(looks around suspiciously and whistles)dont buy dubbed, buy subtitled videos(the dubbed voices are HORRIBLE!!) umm... ALL of my favorite characters are bandits, so therefore if i stole something from you, i aplogize and i'll put you on my links.Oh, and by the way-i made the little "mail me" thing, so i you love it and want it for your very own, please e-mail me, i'll probly give you permission-i just want to know where it's going! Arigatou and Bai BAI!(for the third time)