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            Psst...a wise friend told me that he who holds ALL seven magic Dragon Balls is granted a wish by the mighty ETERNAL DRAGON. The best part is that the wish can be for almost anything! But some wise words of caution. While powerful they also have limits. They are unable to grant a wish greater than the power of their creator, they refuse to grant the same wish twice and lose all power when the creator dies. The one who is lucky enough to have his wish chosen, should always choose carefully. Once the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls scatter all over the Earth where they once again await the next wish seeker.
It's believed that there's ANOTHER set of Dragon Balls--the original ones bring even more power than the Earthly ones! Rumour says the original Dragon Balls are still on the planet Namek, their home. Our friends Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan and others are dedicated defenders of our Earth and all that is good against the evil Saiyans. Our friends have their work cut out for them since only ONE evil Saiyan is needed to wreck havoc on entire planets. But not even the Saiyans are any match for our hero, Goku!

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