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Thanks to Billy Ewert For these Photos!
Awesome picture of a Cobalt Blue.A. hur. with spiderlings.Usambara at opening of den.

" Tarantula name for several species of large, hairy spiders found in the Americas. The tarantula's body may measure 3 in.(7.6 cm) long and, with legs extended, up to 10 in.(25.4 cm) across. The largest may kill small vertebrates, but most feed on arthropods. Tarantula bites, although painful, are not usually dangerous to humans."

--as described abridged, in the encyclopedia--
--described abridged, by Encarta.--
"Tarantula, name applied to a species of European wolf spider, Lycosa tarentula. In the United States the name is generally applied to the so-called American tarantulas, large, hairy spiders in warm regions of the western hemisphere.
Tarantulas belong to the order Aranae. European wolf spiders belong to the family Lycosidae, and American tarantulas belong to the family Theraphosidae."

We, as well as many of you, would probably like more 'info?' than these examples. We are always looking for information pertaining to tarantulas. That is why we are building this website. This site will continue to grow. Some times there will be pages that are incomplete, but posted just the same, they will be completed. Also if you would like to contribute to our site please feel free to email us or when need be 'correct' us. Thanks !
The Tarantula Refuge is a place that is dedicated to the keeping, raising, and breeding of tarantulas in captivity. At one time it was just a hobby, but it 'molted', growing and growing. We accept unwanted or neglected tarantulas. We trade, buy, and sell tarantulas as well.The Tarantula Refuge is a great place for tarantulas and their owners.

So take a look around and stop back as often as you like. We are always adding new looks and pages. We've begun adding, -Species pages-, entire pages for individual species that we have. Alot of the information on these pages is first hand experience. Some will be basics on habitat and keeping conditions. We are under serious construction, so bare with us. Thanks. Some pages are not completed, however you can still get there and back. Some pages are only shells while others are filling up almost daily.

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Member of The American Tarantula Society.

At this point I have to stop and say that the ATS (American Tarantula Society), has been an excellent source of information. They print great publications that can be found at their site.(see 'links' above) I highly recommend that you check out the ATS.

Animated Spiders, caterpillars, and Meercats designed by Lisa Konrad and supplied by the Animation Arthouse.

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Thank you for visiting our page. We're always looking for Tarantulas that are unwanted or neglected. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line.

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