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This is a warning page.

Most of my stories tend to have a certain flavour. More "adult like" in nature. No "lemons" or "limes" but it does get a little citrus-y around here. Any "lemons" written by me, it'll happen sooner or later, the links will not be posted. You'll have to email me for the link. This is jus' a safety procaution. I have many young cousins and a young neice. I wouldn't want her or them to accidently read some of this stuff. *blush*

So, I'm warning anyone who isn't supposed to read such things, or believes that they can't handle PG-13 at the most, then please leave. Flames will not be appreciated and will not be acknowledged. Let's all be adults here and not resort to childish antics. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.



"If you can't stand the heat, you might want to take that flaming duck off your head."

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