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December 3, 2000

Oi oi minna!! I'm sorry for being a bad WebMistress. ^.^;; I've been kinda busy lately. Finals next week and all. But I do have some good news!
1. I html-ized "Pure Snow, Rain Child" & I made this update you can see.
2. I submitted my URL to AniPike and we're all keeping our toes/fingers/eyes/anything that can cross so I might get it.
3. I've started a plot for a DBZ fic. Yeah-yeah I know. Sue me. NO WAIT! DON'T!!
I just meant that I know I've been going a little overboard, but I promise this one will be good! (to anyone who cares)
4. My Stats page is now done and up. Not that anyone was really interested in a strange girl with her pet elephant, ne? ^.^;;
But due to some difficulties...*glares at elephant* won't be up for a few days.
Okay, thats it for this week. If I manage to get anything else out, you won't be the only one surprised. Ja ne, minna!!

September 13, 2000

Yeah yeah. I know. Its been a loooong while since I've updated. But I've got good legetimate excuses:
1. I'm a fulltime college student.
2. I have a job.
3. I have a pet pink elephant with a fetish no one would believe.
But enough about me. I have a few more annoucenments to make. My Sailor Moon story, For Eternity, is being permantely removed from the web for personal/private reasons. Gomen nasai to anyone who was waiting for the next part.
::crickets chirping::
O_o;; Nevermind. But on to other good news. Falling Away is coming along nicely and I'm planning on posting the next chapter within the next 2 weeks. Or depending on when my editor gets done chewing on it. *eyes pink elephant warily*
What else...
Oh, yes. The Wolf's Eye. The next part is in the planning stage and I'm hoping to have SOMETHING out soon.
The Stats Page is still down. I'll have to see what I can do about that when I get some free time.
Thats about it. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I appreciate it! Ja ne minna-san!! Wave bye-bye to all the nice ppl E-chan!!

June 27, 2000

Nothing new up. But I wanted to celebrate a 1000 hits!! WHO-HOO!!!!! *blush* Gomen. Me and the pink elephant will leave now.

June 4, 2000

Well well. Its about time for an update ne? I know some ppl have been begging/crying/threatening me for one. ^,~ Any-who, I've got two new fics up. One was supposed to be done, but the next part will be out soon. Promise Akane-chan. ^_~* My stats page will soon be up. I've said this before I know. But technical difficulties have risen and it'll be a while before thats up.
"Pure Snow, Rain Child" is up now. And so is "The Wolf's Eye." My 3rd Ranma fic. This one will be finished within the next few weeks. Okay. Thats all for now. Wave bye-bye to all the nice ppl E-chan!!

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