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Welcome to my Realm of Dreams...

Welcome and greetings to all the visitors that have entered my Realm. Enjoy youselves and don't be frightened by the hyper-active pink elephant roaming the halls...

My name is Silver Princess, or Silver-chan, and in this place, you can find all the fics I have written over the course of time. This page isn't dedicated to any particular Anime/Manga series. I love them all.  ^_~* So, check out my fics, and those of my fav. authors, and let me or them know what you think.

Anywho, look around. Visit my links. Sign my guestbook. Chase E-chan around for a while. Whatever floats your boat. ^_~*

~Silver-chan~ & ~E-chan~

See my new Updates Page for..well...updates. ^.^;;

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Have visited my little cloud among the skies...

All characters of Anime & Manga are copyrighted by the owners and distributors of them. I merely am using them for my own enjoyment and those of the few fans I have. I am receiving no payment except in the form of emailed comments and criticism.

Thank you for your time and patience.