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Hello all.  This is my page for all my favorite links, and where all my image credtis go out to.  Where I found all those kewliez graphics.  And if you found one, thats *yours* (meaning you made/own/have rights) on here, drop me a line and let me know if you want me to give you credit or take it off, or whatever.  Know this:  all these pics I found on old diskettes and from a very good *honest* freind of mine.  So, don't be rude, jus' kindly let me know what you want, kay? Alrighty, Ja ne!! Enjoy!!


Ronin Warriors

Church of Samurai Troopers

I am a proud member of this Web-Club.  Join today and help support our boys in armor.

Ronin Manor

A HUGE on-line library containing hundreds of fics on this anime.  It hasn't been updated in a while, but hey, no ones perfect.  Drop Derrian a line and let her know what you think of this kewl site.

Sailor Moon

The largest on-line library you will ever find of any/all Sailor Moon fics.  Stop by, read a few, help Andrea out with all the work by joining All Advantage.  And let her know you appreciate all her hard work in keeping up the site.

Fifi's Page of Fan Fiction

This is my Imouto-chan's page.  She stopped it in order to pursue her FF8 fics, but maybe you can convince her to pick them back up again.  And BOY does she have talent in the art section. Check out her drawings. *sniff* *wipe tear* That's *MY* Imouto. ^_~*

Lianne Sentar's Realm of Magic

She's the very first fan fic author I've ever read stuff from.  And she's already got a novel out! When she was 16! She's got a 2nd on the way.  And you bet I'm gonna buy it to! She's the author of  The Usagi and Mamoru Series and The Wacky Adventures of Psycho Setsuna.  Drop her a line and let her know to keep up the good work!

Ranma 1/2

  Akane's Wonderful World of Fan Fiction

Or at least, that's what I call it. ^_~*  This is my bes' buddy's Ranma 1/2 fan fic page. She's a very good writer. Although in denial, and tends to shout something about "Lice" every once and a while. 0_o;  Check out her 2 kewl stories, When You Wish  Upon A Star, and Crucifix.  Maybe the more people who bug her, the more she'll write. *evil grin*

Join the Anti-ukyou Club today!!

An Important Message From Our President: "Ok, in case you haven't noticed, this is all in fun. We're not gonna sink down to the level of the Anti-Akane group. We just..don't like ukyou very much. ^^;; (putting it nicely, anyways...) Flame us if you want, but do remember to flame us in *fun*. And personal insults aren't welcome! No need to get touchy!"


This is *THE* library of all Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. Although, some of them aren't really Pro-Ranma and Akane, if you look real hard, you can find them.

The Romance of Ranma and Akane

This is the playground of a kewl author named Bing.  She writes the awesome story "Do You Remember...?" Visit her page and drop her a line to let her know you appreciate her hard work.  She started a new fic called the Prefect Akane. Sounds VERY kewl. Check it out!


All or most of the really kewl graphics on my pages come from this really kewl place called Full Moon Graphics.

Other Kewl Places

Anime Web Turnpike
Anime Web Turnpike

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