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This is where I keep all my Fan Fiction at. Now, everyone should know that none of these Anime/Manga series don't belong to me.  I'm just using them for a little fun.  ^_~* Well, read my scrolls and let me know what you think.  And and all "creative criticism" is welcome.  Thanx for stopping by!


~*Ranma 1/2*~

If it wasn't quite obvious before, I'll say it know. I am a STRONG believer in the love between our dear little ones, Akane and Ranma. I am also a member of the Anti-ukyo Ring. (and it *is* spelled right) =P

E-chan is a member too. So watch out. ^_~*

Playing with Shadows

Someone wants to grant Ranma a wish...

But what will that someone ask for in return...?


Falling Away

What happens when an innocent child becomes an Angel of Death...?

"The blood of angels shall wash away the guilt and the tears of gods shall cleanse the pain..."

- The Book of Tragen - 65,000 bc


The Wolf's Eye

When a child follows the path that is chosen for them...
And nothing is ever wrong...
Isn't it Fate that always twists the mirror...?


~*Sailor Moon*~


~*Ronin Warriors*~

Secret in My Heart

Someone know's a secret to Cale's past...

A secret that could destroy or heal the Universe...

But will that person reveal the secret in their heart...??


~*Fushigi Yugi*~

Pure Snow, Rain Child

What happens when an angel falls from the sky...and doesn't want to go back to Heaven...?


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