. . . .Goddess. . . v. Gone PUSSYCATS!

September 27, 2000

The rebirth of Sailor Mars' Planet of Fire. Why did I have to move? Delinquents more commonly known as HACKERS. A hacker sits at their computer, going into people's e-mail accounts and screwing around (it happened to me) or hacks into websites and steals info and deletes the site (also happened to me!)!!! Arugh! You little idiots! I bust my ass on my old site, I worked long, hard hours creating it, and you little idiots decide to go in and DELETE my site! And not once, but TWICE! Who do you idiots think you are? You make a website. See how it feels when YOU get hacked. I have plesnty of four lettered words to describe the lot of you that Angelfire won't let me write. I'll find you, and when I'm through with you, all that will be left of you will be the ashes I scatter on the web! You chose the WRONG fire-spirited psychic to screw around with!

Mars Fire Ignite!!!

October 10, 2000

Oh, goddess! My boyfriend's friends are REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!! Come to think of it, so's my boyfriend, but what can ya do?
But his idiot friend keeps hitting on me, "Hey hun, love you, gotta go, hun, but I'll call you tomorrow!" Then, he actually goes, "Why don't you, the fine woman you are, dump your boy toy and go for a real man like myself?"

As IF!! God, he's dreamin'!! But I hate the ass hole anyway.

My boyfriend is SOOOO CLINGY!!! And it's SOOOOOO ANOYING! Every other minute, he's like, "I missed you." And I'm like, "We were just talking last night." It's sooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!

December 10, 2000
What the hell could possibly be bothering me now?
Only this little factor called my mother. She NEVER leaves me alone!!! EVER!!! I swear, every time I don't answer her right away, it's automatically, "Hello?? Did you hear me??"

April 13, 2001
Oh. My. God!!! Guys are so obnoxious!!! I hooked up with this one guy before spring break, and now MY WHOLE SCHOOL knows! I can't believe him! And I specifically asked him NOT to tell!
And he's not the only guy that's pissing me off. I have a boyfriend (who lives in Kantucky, and... I live in New York...) and he introduced me to one of his friends last night (on my three month anniversiary with my boyfriend!!), and his friend is hitting me. "I like you. I wanna get with you." Get with me?! What does he think I am, a slut?!