In re-creating my site (grrr....) I realized that my pets had been deleted with the old page! Arruuugggghh!! So I needed to find new pets. You are now looking at the new home of my pets!

This is my Galapagos Dragon in egg stage.

This is my adorable Starlight dragon (at least in egg stage HEHE!). Adopt one here

Neevia's CareTaker: Raye
Neevia's Name: Sola
Neevia's Age: Subadult
Adopted From: Cypris.org
Click here to see her a a colt.
Click here to see her in egg stage!

This is my Mystical Butterfly, Fire. To adopt your own, go to the Mystical Butterfly Adoption Center.

This is my moyow. His name is Lightning, because he is a Jolt Moyow, but I call him Eric, after my boyfriend ^_^! I have my little moyow to guard my site!

Below is is my moyow in his egg form... long ago ^_^

Want a moyow of your own? Visit KrystalFallz