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THE NEW AND IMPROVED WORLD..make sure you take the purity test

so you wanna know about me hey?

check these out!

takes the piss...out of everything and anything
just one of the best anime sites around
my brothers site... it really kicks ass
my bestest anime buds page, read it and weep!
the coolest lil babe in the worlds page (under construction)

There are many things that I like but the best of them all is anime, if you want to find out more got to roraimas anime info page .
Well thats all for now I will try and improve upon my crapness at web page making and perhaps then make one that is any good!!!! chase the dragon to mail me!

My friends - you gotta love em!
Roraima brings to you ....her artwork!
I proudly *ahem* present my family...under construction

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