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*Girl enters, short blue hair and big blue eyes, wearing black jeans and a purple shirt. She waves* Hi, everyone. I am Rei, the host of this page *bows*.
I love Zelgadis, and I am not alone! Just cruise around on the internet and you'll see all sorts of Zelgadis sites. *Ticks list off on fingers* Sites about Zel and Lina, sites about Zel and Amelia(who I personally don't like, if only because she has a crush on Zel), sites about Zel and *sigh* only Zel. *Shrugs* all sorts of things. So for you Zelgadis Fans-both old and new-I've enclosed some sites that I've used when I'm, looking at Him.
So I should probably tell just who Zel is for those of you who don't know who he is, you poor souls. His full name is Zelgadis Greywords, and he is a Chimera-1/3 human, 1/3 demon, and 1/3 golem. He was born completely human, but his grandfather/great-grandfather, the Red priest Rezo, turned him into a Chimera. You first meet Zelgadis in tape 1 of Slayers, where he is the enemy of Lina Inverse(the main character). But in tape 2, we find out that Zel is actually a good guy and, in tape 3, helps Lina win against the baddie and save the day. He doesn't continue with Lina, but that is not that last of him that we see, thank god. He is in other episodes, but Amelia is there(blech!) Unfortunetely, Zel isn't in the Slayers movies. They focus on the big busted, bikini wearing, bimbo Naga. Her antics are fun to watch-the first time. I know there's more out there than me who have worn out their Slayers Tapes from repeated watchings of Zel.
If you like my page, just feel like being friendly, or have a questions about Zel, don't hesitate to email me Rei and I PROMISE that you'll get some type of reply. And please, PLEASE sign my guest book. Well, I have to go now, more of my Zelgadis drool...watching.

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