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Pistol's Interview

Reporter(who will be from here on out referred to as "R"): Hello, Pistol.

P: ....Who are you?

R:Hahahaha.....Nevermind that, just answer a few questions for me, would you?

P:....I guess....

R: Okay, question #1... Who are YOU?

P: Pistol Yamigei

R:*sigh* A little more IN DEPTH, please?

P:*sigh* I am Pistol. I live in Kyo. I am currently studying at the Saint Veronica acadeny for girls. My best friend is Silence. Anything else?

R: don't have to get so mad. What makes you so special, anyway?

P:The fact that I can change my DNA with something called a "savior chip". make me too angry and you might just see it first-hand.

R:Uhhh...*sweatdrop* Wh-what exactly do you change into?

P: *strikes a dramatic pose* ANGEL SAVIOR!(tm)

(note: in Japanese it is : Sukuinushi Tenshi)

R: ....Okay, you're going to have to explain that....

P: Basically, one day we (me and my friends) were walking along one day when SILENCE being the genius she is, decides to play hide-and-seek in an "abandoned" factory. when we went to look for her, we found out it wasn't so abandoned, after all, and that scientists had been toying with human DNA.




P:Silence! Wait your turn!


P:I said....

S: I know, I know....

P: *AHEM* As I was saying..... We found some not-so-nice creatures hanging around, and just as we were about to get slaughtered, a nearly-dead scientist gave us some micro-chips that when used correctly could remove the pre-determined confines of our DNA and let our true selves free.

R: So, you're saying if I had that chip, I could be Angel Savior?

P:...No, what I'm saying is that each person would have a different "savior"within, or maybe not even a "savior" at all. If you aren't a "savior" type, then if you are exposed to the chips you become a "shadow" type, which is what we fight. I can't tell you much more than that.

R: Alright, sounds good. Thank you.

P:....You're welcome, I guess.