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Melancholy Anime People

Zelgadis Greywords

Zelgadis didn't always look like this...

that is why he is so depressed all the time. In his human life he had always longed for power, until the day he got it in the form of a body made of stone, and you know what that means. No girls. No social life. He is almost always in a cloak in public to hide his "hideous" body, and until he was found by the SLAYERS gang, he had no real friends.

Poor, poor Zel.

Ayanami Rei

Ayanami Rei (or Rei Ayanami for those of you who prefer the English order) is probably the most depressed character in all of Anime. This 14-year-old girl from NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, is destined to fight against "Angels", who are basically giant robot-like creatures(think Xenogears). Ayanami Rei has a shrouded past, and is forever brooding. It has been said that "She's just not good at living", and as far as her actual life goes, that's essentially true. Despite her quiet personality, she has managed to acquire some friends.

Everybody loves Ayanami....except for Ayanami.

Sho Fukamatchi... the all-american bio-booster armor Guyver wearer. Who either pukes or passes out after every time he uses the guyver to save people. I'd be pretty damn depressed, too. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. See? His life sucks. Not to mention he killed his own dad after his dad turned into a big monster called a zoanoid and crushed his skull. He came to after the guyver had rebuilt his brain holding his father's arm. Ooooooooh.... Badness. Sho is in love with his best friend's sister, Mizuki. She's probably the flakiest anime chicky of all time. But for some reason I still like her... Heheh. The only thing she can do is cook!


This god-emperor founded an entire empire, only to come back to thatb very same empire 600 years later and have everyone trying to kill him. They even killed his love. Then he goes crazy and tries to destroy his empire. The saddest thing is, he did it all in self-defense and is still the main baddie in Breath o Fire 4.So UNFAIR!!!
And now that we are done with that depressing stuff, check out my adopted pixie!

My Adopted Pixietail