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My Friends

Here are my friends and their pics (if they have them). I have added in some people from anime who look like them as a link. Just click on their names to see the anime I found that closest resembled them. And now the gears that correspond to each person, too!

Jake(Also known as Predator)


Sex: Male


weight:135 Lbs.

Body fat %:8.8

Bra Size: N/A



Fave Color: Dark Red

Fave Food: Non-existant



Training both his body and mind (and drinking at least 3 cans of Mountain Dew a day), Jake's probably the second most gung-ho person of all my friends, which doesn't say much, really. His likes are: Martial Arts, Weapons, Anime (especially Guyver), and computers. His dislikes are: Biting, Clawing, and anything else that might damage his skin.Oh, and he really, REALLY hates CHEESE. Don't ask me.

Robbie(also known as Biocide)



Height: 5'7"

Weight: about 120 lbs.

Bra Size: N/A


Eyes: Blue-ish/green-ish

Fave Color:N/A

Fave Food:N/A


Official Logo:


Robbie is the most depressed of our group despite the fact that he is filthy stinking rich (In My Humble Opinion). He has three computers, one of which is a laptop. Joy. He writes excellent poetry and insists it's inferior to mine. That's just the way he is. His likes are:Snails,RPG's,Good Grades,poetry, and Hugs from people who mean it. His dislikes are: His parents,Getting Smited with All-sport bottles,hugs from those who don't mean it, and he really, REALLY hates being picked on...

Samm (also known as Zae)




Weight:115 Lbs.

Body fat %:19.5

Bra Size: 32b


Eyes:Green/Gold mix (and you think I'm kidding)

Fave Color:Blue and Green

Fave Food: Anything Oriental, especially Nihon Soba

Sign:Neon! (Heheh.... Just kiddin'. It's actually gemini.)


Here we have the most Gung-ho creature in existance. Tenacity happens to be my middle name. I spend my days training myself and practicing self dicipline. I actually don't like computers quite as much as any of my other friends, I prefer to paint and create new combo moves for myself. My likes are: Martial Arts,Music,Anime,acting tough,playstation games, hardcore excersise,and poetry. My dislikes are: People who call me weak, Right-wing Christians, and my mom's singing.

For a more complete list of my dislikes, go to THE LIST






Body Fat %:N/A

Bra size:N/A



Fave Color: Blue

Fave food: Anything sweet



Here is Jake. Jake is here. Jake is probably just about the only non-closet gay person in Idaho. He is the one in this group I've known longest, and done some of the craziest stuff with (or at least a close second to the OTHER Jake...) And he wants me to tell you he's as queer as a 3 doallar bill and straight as a circle. Doesn't he ROCK?! He likes:Madonna, Sweet foods, guys,Chris (his boy-toy), Dragshows, DRAG IN GENERAL... He doesn't: Right wings, Gay-bashers, etc., or ex-boyfriends who take pills after they break up with him... His hangouts: Blackbird java