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Hokage Village - Only three words for u guys!! Flame of Recca!! ^_^

Hokage Village

Konnichiwa minna-san!! Welcome to Hokage Village! This is a Flame of Recca site and feel free to explore this site. I have a webring called The Hokage Ninja Webring, so if you have a site about Flame of Recca, you are welcome to join it. I also have a shrine dedicated to Yanagi Sakoshita called In The Heart of Yanagi. If you have the time.. please visit that site. Please sign My Guestbook.. and give me comments or you can email me(^_^).


20th September 2000 - I'm so very soorrryyyy!! I haven't update for a long time.. more than a month? whatever..! I'm really lazy lately.. yup.. really lazy? Anyway, the IMAGE GALLERY is up!! yeah! there are pictures of Recca, Yanagi, Tokiya, Kaoru, Fuuko, Domon for the Hokage section.. Kurei, Neon, Raiha and Miki for the Uruha section.. and Saicho for the Others section.. oh.. and I also adopted Kaoru from Animen: The Bishounen Universe.. Check it out below. That's all..


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VoTe FoR mE, pLeAsE?


I just adopted MIKI!! One of my favourite characters in Flame of Recca. *You must be wondering why I like her* ^_^


I adopted Kaoru!

I adopted to Kaoru!! He is so kawaii, isn't he?


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