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Psycho Chimera!

I welcome you to my site, which is lovingly devoted to Zelgadiss, the world's most beautiful Chimera.
Trinity's the name.

A few words of warning: I am not responsible for any insanity, temporary or otherwise that may or may not have been caused by this site. That said, look around, and I hope you enjoy yourself. If I scare you, well, that's probably not going to change!

If you have any commments whatsoever about my site, please feel free to e-mail me.

Last Update: 26 June 2001, Added what would have been Part Four of Deficiencies of Justice, had I not decided to combine Parts One thru Four into an all-new Part One.

What you'll find in the sloshed recesses of my cracked brain...



Fatal Elements
A Songfic Trilogy


This is a site where you can help put an end to the un-fair Ameria-bashing that has been going on. Go here for buttons, banners, and a poll where you can state your mind.

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