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Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Raising


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Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Raising.

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When trying to move Chocobos into Stables!
If you customized the X button to be the select button it won't work when raising Chocobos.

Make sure under "Config"/"Controller" is set to Normal it did the same thing to me. When you'll done Raising Chocobos it can be set back Customized.

Talk to "Choco Billy"
Select "Moving Chocobos" then using the Circle Button Like it shows it should work.

Getting Stared

Catch 4 Chocobos each time you don’t have what you need. Don’t forget to release the ones you don’t need.

Save each time before releasing & mating just in case you don’t get the following.
Blue M, green F or
Blue F, green M

If you get any of the follow Chocobos
Blue, Blue, or
Green, Green, or
Green M, Blue M, or
Green F, Blue F
Quick reset the game (L1, L2, R1, R2, Select, & Start) simultaneously.

Once you get what you need save the game.

Starting as Tifa
When you 1st get the Highwind
With Tifa
Purchase all 6 of the Stalls at the Chocobo Farm.

Go to the Mideel Area
You need 4 Great Chocobos 2 male, & Female, doing this make so you don’t have
to wait for if you would have just had 2 great Chocobos 1 Male 1 Female you would have had to have waited
for them to be ready to mate again. Doing it this way you will be sure you get Blue and Green Chocobo at the
same time

Try Feeding all Chocobo the following Greens

10 Sylkis Greens
Speed Plus +
Stamina +
Intelligence +

21 Sylkis Greens
Stamina +
Intelligence +

66 Reagan Green
Stamina +

1 Reagan Green
No improvement...

Max out Stat by feeding Chocobos greens until it show no improvement...
If you want to make sure it Maxed out feed it all Chocobos 1 Sylkis Green each it should show
No improvement... if not keep feeding them Sylkis, Regan, Greens. once they're Maxed out

Continue on to Mideel.

Once you get Cloud back go race them to Rank A {I like having Tifa in my party so she asks to race Chocobos.}
by Racing the yellow one to rank A then the Green, and Blue offspring's will be even better then race them to Rank S

Go back Save the game going and the Chocobo Farm and Mate He1 & She1 A Rank Chocobo, using a Carob Nut. you should get.
The Mountain Chocobo Male or Female name He3 or She3

Go back out and Save the game go back and Mate He2 & She2 A Rank Chocobo, using a Carob Nut. you should get.
River Chocobo Male or Female, name He3 or She3.

After getting back from space Go back to the Chocobo Farm and
Feed the Special Blue, Green & Black Chocobos the following Greens.
34 Reagan Greens
Speed Plus +
Stamina +
Intelligence +

1 Reagan Green
No improvement...

Release He1, She1, He2, She 2.

Race the Green and Blue Chocobos to S Rank.

Get 4 Chocobos some will be Wonderful and Weak Chocobos around the Icicle Inn Area. Release the weak ones right away. of either gender.

Once you have the wonderful Chocobo. Name She4 or He4

Go back save the game go into the farm and Mate Green & Blue S rank Chocobos, using a Carob Nut. you should get. The Mountain and River (Black Chocobo). Name He5 or She5

Feed the Special Black Chocobos the following Greens
34 Reagan Greens
Speed Plus +

1 Reagan Green
No improvement...

Feed the Wonderful Chocobo the following Greens
20 Sylkis Greens
Speed Plus +
Stamina +
Intelligence +

7 Reagan Green
Stamina +

1 Reagan Green
Stamina +

1 Reagan Green
No improvement...

Once you have the Wonderful Chocobo. & Black Chocobo Wonderful
You’ll have to wait for the Black Chocobo to be ready...

Race She4 or He4 and He5 or She5 to S Rank.

Check to see if ready, If not use the Black Chocobo. to get the special Materia. (Mimi), (HP <-> MP), (Quadra Magic)...
Watch out for the Emerald Weapon.
Find the Key of Ancients.
have Vincent in party and hear more about his past.
find the “Huge Materia” from the Red Submarine.
Find the Wrecked Plane.
Go to Wutai and get (Oritsuru), (Seal as Well Materia)
Battle the (Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods) to get (Leviathan Materia) if not already done!
Go see if the Chocobos are ready.


Naming Chocobos

Chocobo Type, Number Order caught Gender What to Name that Chocobo. For easy reference Rank to Raise Chocobo to.
Great Chocobos
1st. Male He1 A
1st.  Female She1 A
2nd.  Male He2 A
2nd Female She2 A
Special Blue, Green Chocobos
3rd Male He3 S
3rd Female She3 S
Wonderful Chocobos
4th Male He4 S
4th Female She4 S
Special Black Chocobo
5th Male He5 S
5th Female She5 S
Special Gold
6th F or M Gold S*
*only if you what to meet the other jockey with the Black Chocobo. That 1st showed up at Jockey's Lounge race up to S Rank and Keep racing and winning 5 or more Races. Don‘t quite remember. You get some items there after.

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