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Talk Zone

NOTE: For everybody who doesn't know Talk Zone is a segment held on Thursday afternoons on an afterschool line up of shows (including Dragonball Z) called The Zone on YTV. It's a Canadian station so a lot of people might not recieve it. Pat Kelly is one of the hosts.

*The credits for Pokemon finish rolling and the camera switches to me, Piccolo, and Pat sitting in The Zone Set*

PICCOLO: *muttering* I don't know how I let you talk me into doing all this crap...

PAT: Today on the Talk Zone we have a really cool guest! This is Piccolo from Dragonball Z! And next to me is his campaign manager Cherry.

ME: Hi Pat!

PICCOLO: .....

PAT: So what exactly are you his campaign manager for? Is he running for president or something?

PICCOLO: *sarcastically* Yeah that's right. I wanna be the president.

ME: He's just kidding. Actually he has been entered in a poll for the title of Sexiest Man Alive. Bob the Tomato has also been entered and is winning, I'm making it my job to see that he beats him.

PAT: Really? How's that working out so far?

ME: Pretty good. He's almost into the top ten thanks to many loyal voters. We're 130 votes away from tying with Bob.

PAT: You must think this is pretty cool hey Piccolo?

PICCOLO: I couldn't care less about some stupid poll. If I had my way I'd blast that stupid tomato into the next dimension. But Cherry says it would be more fun to beat him this way. I personally favor phsyical violence...

ME: Piccolo! You can't kill him. You might not like him but lots of little kids do. Do you really want a whole bunch of 7 year olds following you around all day bawling their eyes out?

PICCOLO: *shudder* Hell no.

PAT: So you guys are pretty confident he can beat Bob?

PICCOLO: *snort* Of course I can. Look at him.

ME: I'm positive he can win. He's gotten a lot of votes in a fairly short period of time. Bob on the other hand hasn't.

PAT: Just so our viewers know you can vote for Piccolo by going to

ME: And you can vote more than once.

PAT: We've gotten some e-mails for you Piccolo. This one is from Carla in Toronto. It says: Dear Piccolo, How come Vegeta isn't winning? He's more attractive than the both of you.

PICCOLO: Well Carla I guess that's because your a psychotic little freak. Vegeta is a short, balding, monkey boy with a big attitude problem.

ME: Uh Piccolo, lots of girls like Vegeta. I like him too but not nearly as much as you.

PICCOLO: Well there you go. Everyone likes Vegeta but they like me better.

PAT: Okay next e-mail...Piccolo you are a big sexy hunk of a Namek and I want you. I watch the show everyday just for you, love always Jeff.

PICCOLO: What the hell is this????

ME: Well, looks like you've got fans on both teams!

PICCOLO: That's really disturbing...

PAT: I don't think I was supposed to read that one. My producer is glaring at me. Anyways next letter...Piccolo, you are the biggest pimp daddy and you kick ass. I'm voting for you all the way. Sharon

PICCOLO: I'm a what?

ME: She thinks your cool.

PICCOLO: Well I am.

PAT: That's all the time we have now. We're going to watch Dragonball Z and then we'll be back to talk with Piccolo and Cherry some more. If you have a question you'd like to ask Piccolo just e-mail it to us.

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