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Piccolo Meets Bob

*I'm standing at a podium on a stage. Piccolo is sitting in a chair to my right and doesn't look very thrilled about being here. There is another chair to my left that is empty*

PICCOLO: *muttering* I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

ME: Oh stop complaining. As your campaign manager I'm advising you to do this.

PICCOLO: *raising an eyebrow* Your my campaign manager? Since when?

ME: Since I made myself it. Now let's bring out Bob.

*Bob makes his way onto the stage looking nervously at Piccolo. Piccolo doesn't make him feel any less uncomfortable by glaring at him*

ME: Okay boys just a few ground rules. First off, no attacking me. You can ask questions if you want, just no flames. Secondly, no physical violence. Third, try and keep the swearing to a minimum. Anything you say will most likely get censored anyways. Okay you can start.

PICCOLO: All right I have a question. How is it that a little freak like that is beating me? Whoever finds a tomato attractive has some serious issues.

BOB: Well I could say the same about you.

PICCOLO: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

BOB: Your an alien. You've got oversized ears, antannae and green skin. I personally don't see how girls could find YOU appealing.

PICCOLO: Why you little mother *censored*! I'm gonna...

ME: Whoa! Piccolo calm down! If you ask me I don't really think you've got too much too worry about from him.

BOB: What do you mean? I have 890 votes.

ME: Right, but you started off with like 886, Piccolo started with 0. He's now at 643.

PICCOLO: *smirking* Oh really?

BOB: He is? Oh *censored*

ME: Hey! You're a childrens role model! You can't swear, that rule was for Piccolo!

PICCOLO: *sarcastically* Gee thanks.

BOB: Oh uh, sorry. Can I get Larry?

ME: Why? Do you guys have to do EVERYTHING together?

BOB: You never said we couldn't bring others.

ME: Well I guess so, but make it snappy.

PICCOLO: If he's bringing someone else then so am I.

*Both Bob and Piccolo leave. I'm left standing there with a confused expression on my face. I wonder who the hell Piccolo is going to bring*

BOB: I'm back! And this is my friend Larry! * he points to a cucumber


ME: Hello. We're just waiting for Piccolo now.

PICCOLO: What are you talking about? I'm right here.

ME: Oh sorry. I see you've brought Goku.

GOKU: Hi! I have no idea why I'm here, but Piccolo said he'd buy me an ice-cream cone if I came.

PICCOLO: *grinning* You never said there was a limit on how many people you could bring so I brought along two others.

*Gohan and Vegeta step out*

GOHAN: Wow Mr. Piccolo your right! Those are the biggest vegetables I've ever seen.

VEGETA: Yeah they'll make a passable appetizer.

BOB & LARRY: A-appetizer?

PICCOLO: Yeah these guys are all Saiyans. Normally you would make for about ten meals but these guys can eat a hell of a lot. That's why they're calling you an appetizer.

ME: Hold on Piccolo, your going to let them eat your competition?

GOKU: Hey that cucumber does look pretty tasty!

LARRY: Uh, I have to go Bob! Sorry I forgot about an date I have, with uh, um, er, see ya!

*Larry runs for the hills. Goku flies after him yelling "Wait cucumber! I just want to take a little bite out of you!"*

VEGETA: Well I guess that leaves the tomato.

GOHAN: That's okay I like them better anyways.

PICCOLO: Here, you guys might want some of this.

*He tosses them a bottle of ketchup. Bob takes one look at it and turns several different shades of purple and green before running screaming at the top of his lungs*

ME: Piccolo! That's not the way this was supposed to go!

PICCOLO: *shrugging* Yeah well it was good for a laugh.

ME: *sigh* Oh well, maybe we can try again later.

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