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Piccolo's Thoughts

*I find Piccolo out in the middle of nowhere training*

ME: Uh, excuse me Mr. Piccolo! Can I have a few minutes of your time?


ME: Aw c'mon please! It'll only take a second! Then you can go right back to training!

PICCOLO: No, get lost.

ME: I'll get Gohan to chase you around singing Piccolo-san Daisuki until you say yes.

PICCOLO: You wouldn't...

ME: I would.

PICCOLO: *smirking* I'd kill you.

ME: *sigh* I know.

PICCOLO: Why do you want to ask me questions?

ME: Oh just for my dumb website. We've already got an interview with Bob so I thought I should get one with you too.

PICCOLO: Bob? I don't know anybody named Bob.

ME: Yeah but your up against him in a stupid poll for the Sexiest Man Alive. He's winning too.


ME: Yeah I know. You should win.

PICCOLO: I don't care about that! Who the hell entered me?

ME: *looking nervous* Uh, I did.

PICCOLO: What in the hell for?

ME: I don't know! I just think your better looking than some tomato.

PICCOLO: I'm getting beaten by a tomato??? You never said it was a tomato!

ME: Oh, well he is. He's on a cartoon that teaches kids about being good, and the bible and stuff.

PICCOLO: Oh dear lord...

ME: Hey watch what you say Piccolo! You don't want to say anything controversial!

PICCOLO: Will doing this interview help me?

ME: I don't know, maybe.

PICCOLO: Fine, let's get it over with then. Not that I care about some poll.

ME: Okay then! How do you feel about Bob?

PICCOLO: I'd like to turn him into ketchup. Gohan likes ketchup, I could give it to him and tell him who it was afterwards.

ME: Ewwww! Do you think you can win?

PICCOLO: Of course I can! He's a *censored* tomato!

ME: Your a Namek, and watch the language.

PICCOLO: Big deal. At least I'm humanoid! Hey what's his power level?

ME: I don't know, probably like -1,000,000. You can't fight him Piccolo, he'd be dead in two seconds flat.

PICCOLO: *grinning* That's the point.

ME: Yeah but that's bad sportsmanship. You don't want to get a bad rep do you?

PICCOLO: I guess not...

ME: Look just let me handle this. I'll take care of everything.

PICCOLO: Somehow that's not very reassuring.

ME: Humph, thank a lot! You'll see though! I'll make sure ya win!

PICCOLO: Whatever. *goes back to training*

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