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Interview with Bob

*I run up to Bob who's trying to get help all the tomato's escape from the produce section*

ME: Hey! What are you doing?

BOB: Uh, nothing!

ME: Nothing! Looks like your letting those tomatos go! Technically, that's stealing! And your on Veggie Tales, your supposed to be teaching little children morals! Not how to be kleptomaniacs!

BOB: But these are my friends! I have to help a fellow tomato in need!

ME: Well all right, I won't tell anyone as long as you answer some of my questions.

BOB: Fair enough.

ME: Okay, what to you think about the whole Piccolo vs. Bob thing?

BOB: I beg your pardon? What are you talking about?

ME: You and Piccolo have both been entered in some dumb poll for Sexiest Man Alive. Your in competition with each other.

BOB: Uh, we are? I wasn't aware. Who's winning?

ME: So far you. But I'm bored so I've taken it upon myself to see that you lose.

BOB: Oh, um, that's nice. Who is this Piccolo character anyways?

ME: Hold on, I'll show you a picture, *whips one out* That's him. The pissed off looking green guy.

BOB: *nervously* He doesn't look very nice. Is he violent?

ME: If he doesn't like you.

BOB: And I suppose he doesn't like me?

ME: Don't count on it.

BOB: I see. Well I'd better go find Larry, it's time for our nap. Uh, tell Piccolo good luck.

ME: Sure thing Bob, thanks for your time! *evil grin*

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