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The Last Speech

*I am once again standing at a podium on a stage, Piccolo to my right looking very pleased with himself, Bob to my left looking depressed.*

ME: Well, well, well. Looks we did it, we beat Bob! And I mean really creamed him! We whooped his ass so bad! HAHAHA! Ahem, anyways let me turn the podium over to Bob so he can say his closing statements.

BOB: I'm just glad this nightmare is over! Throughout this whole thing that guy Goku hasn't stopped trying to eat me and my friends! Larry's in the hospital because of him! He took a big bite right out of his side! *shudder* I honestly never thought that Piccolo could beat me but...I guess he is the better man. So I'm just going to go to therapy and maybe take a nice vacation with Larry once he gets out of rehab.

ME: Bob that was very nice...for a loser. *snicker* And now do you have anything you would like to say Piccolo?

PICCOLO: *smirking* As a matter of fact I do. First off, HA! That'll teach you to mess with me you dumbass! Second, MAKANKOSAPPO!!!!

*There is a smoking hole where Bob was sitting and tomato guts everywhere.*

ME: *sigh* I had a feeling you were gonna do that.

PICCOLO: He had it coming.

ME: I guess. Let's get outta here though. I'm only renting this place and I don't wanna have to clean up the mess! *We walk off*

ME: I think that went pretty well huh? I'm not such a bad campaign manager after all!

PICCOLO: Well what an idiot, thinking he was sexier than me...

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