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Now some people here might not know who Bob the Tomato is. So I'm going to tell you what little info I know about him.

Bob is a character on a CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging) cartoon called Veggie Tales. It's a Christian cartoon for kids. I saw the Christmas movie when I babysat my next door neighbours little boy. Anyways I don't know much about him, he's a tomato, he's red, that's about as far as my knowledge on him goes. Here's some pictures of the lil' tomato.

This is Bob and his friend Larry. It is very rare to find a picture of just one of them. For some reason they are always together.

Bob and Larry together again.

I think he's pushing something with his nose here.

Him and Larry taking a nap.

Aw isn't that cute, they're going to be sick together.

Bob and Larry together. AGAIN! Is anybody else beginning to wonder...

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