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You're Our Hero, Charlie Brown: Info On Miscellaneous Items

Books and Such

Peanuts Treasury

by Cail Judy

September 2000

Peanuts Treasury, published by Metrobooks, contains over 600 Peanuts strips, mostly from the early sixties. There is a forward by Johnny Hart. It's hardbound 9x11, with a picture of Snoopy dancing on a white background. There is no indication of where the strips are taken from, but I recognize some from The Unsinkable Charlie Brown and You'll Flip, Charlie Brown. I believe it's a reprinted version of an earlier treasury, since the copywright is 1968.

I picked up my copy at a Barnes and Noble in Minneapolis. (It was on sale for ten dollars. Yowzah!) I'm not sure how far it's distrubuted, but I'm assuming it's at most B&Ns.

Peanuts Treasury has a lot of great strips, in a well organized format. The Sunday strips get a whole page (no color, alas), so they are very sharp. Even if you have most of the books where the strips are taken from, I'm pretty sure there are some strips here there you won't find elsewhere.

This is a great collection, that I would definently reccomend. Thanks to everyone who waited so long for this first entry. "Peanuts people" are the greatest!

Peanuts Figurines, PVCS and Related Items

Fast Food Promotions

by Cail Judy

December 2000

At places like McDonalds and Wendys, there have been a number of Peanuts promotions in the last few years. As far as I know, Micky D's and Wendy's are the only two major fast-food places to have Peanuts promos. McDonald's has had two--I believe--and Wendy's three.

Currently, I only have one figure from the first McDonalds promo; it's Snoopy with a straw hat on, and he's holding out his arms, ready to hold his little wagon (which I don't have either). There is very little information I can provide on these figures so far.

The next promotion by Micky D's involved four "go-kart" figures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace, Lucy, and Woodstock. You push down on the figure in the little car, and they go, so to speak. Snoopy's car is his doghouse, with wings on the sides. Charlie Brown is driving a train, with a conductor's cap. Lucy is priming her hair, and she's driving a green fire engine, and Woodstock is driving a purple "car" of some sort. A good little set.

McDonalds also did a stint with a whole bunch of different characters; you linked up all the different toys, and you have a train of sorts. There was one Snoopy toy in the bunch. Descripted in the toy is Snoopy playing an organ on wheels, with Woodstock sitting on one of the pipes. As you move it, the pipes go up and down.

The last three promos have been quite recent. They have all been at Wendy's, and they have been quite well done. The first set was entitled Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. Each toy was a different kind Snoopy figure. The first was a draw-peel-it-it's-gone board with a Snoopy pencil. The next was a plastic Snoopy with Woodstock on his head. The cool thing was, Woodstock lite up. Then there was the Snoopy head. You turn his left ear, and the nine pictures on the back of his head change. Then there's Snoopy's doghouse. There are three switches, and each one brings up a diferent picture of Snoopy in different positions; like sleeping, or being the WWI Flying Ace. The last toy was a plastic "ball" that had Snoopy on top. When you pushed it, Snoopy would always stay on top. There was also an under three toy, that had Snoopy and Woodstock going round and round in a circus ring.

I don't have much info on the second set of Weny's toys, Snoopy 2000. I only have two, and I need to find out a lot more about this particular set before I can report anything. Any information you could pass along about this would be of great help. Thanks in advance.

The third set I do have. It was a special 50th anniversary set. Every toy comes with a certificate, stating it's "for real", and made soley for this promo. Toy one is a plush Snoopy with gripping arms. The second is a globe with Snoopy inside; push the bottom, and up comes confetti. The third toy is magnetic "Snoopy" block, that attracts a magnetic WWI Flying Ace.

The fourth toy is a puzzle with a picture on each side. Some of the pieces are even shaped like Snoopy. The fifth toy is a Snoopy head/keychain/watch. There is also a rocking Doghouse with Snoopy on top with Woodstock (it's for three and under).

That's where it stands as of now. Hopefully, this has helped you with you fast-food Peanuts items. You can reach me at this e-mail address with questions or comments. I apoligize if any information is inaccurate. If there are mistakes, please let me know.

Last Revision November 26, 2001

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