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PEANUTS Fawcett Crest Titles

by Cail Judy

The Fawcett Crests are perhaps my favorite Peanuts books, largely because they were my first inroduction to the Peanuts strip. All through my childhood, trips to used bookstores usually yeilded some new finds for my collection. It's become much harder to find the remaining FCs I still need, but I always check out the humor section when I enter a bookstore because you never know what you might find.

The Fawcett Crests (FCs) were used to republish the material found in the original Holt, Rinehart and Winston (HRW) books. Finding one of these books is a big thing for me (I've only been able to get my hands on two so far). Up to Win a Few, Lose a Few, Charlie Brown, there had been 29 full books. Out of all of these, excluding Peanuts and Snoopy, Come Home, 52 Fawcett Crests had been produced. Two FCS ended up being made for each HRW book.

Than there came the Peanuts Parade editions. The confusing thing about these books was that while there were 11 titles that produced new material, the rest of the series reprinted strips from the previous 28 books. Three FCs were culled from each Peanuts Parade book with new strips. For in-depth coverage of all that, please check out Nat Gertler's comprehensive site, or Scott McGuire's page. Derrick Bang also has a list similar to mine, for all of the core Peanuts books. I love plugging their sites because they are great guys, and their webpages are a blast to vist.

Topper books were next in line, creating 8 new books entitled the Peanuts Collectors Series. Averaged out, 12 Fawcett Crests were produced from each of these books. It is here that the Fawcett Crests ended, with Lead On, Snoopy,. However, a few of the last FCs are still being reprinted(slightly). You may still be able to order Fawcett Crest books from certain bookstores like Barnes and Noble, or Chapters. Used bookstores are treasure troves, and there are some good websites that deal in buying and selling used books.

The FCs were constantly reprinted by Fawcett Publications(and for the past few years, Ballantine Books). There have been 100 FCs with reprinted material in total.

With each title here, there's info on which book the Fawcett Crest comes from and personal or interesting info I can provide. Some of these books have seen a lot of love (hey, I was just a little guy when I got some of them). I don't own all of the Fawcett Crests, so I marked the titles I'm missing with * * . This page is a work-in-progress, so not all the entries are completed yet. Enjoy.

1. The Wonderful World of Peanuts

Selected Cartoons from More Peanuts Vol. I

This is the very first Peanuts Fawcett Crest book. Even so, it's been reprinted so often, it's not to difficult to get a copy. It is a neat find, and makes a nice addition to a collection. Interestingly enough, there has never been any reprinting of the very first Peanuts book, Peanuts. The birth of the FCs began with More Peanuts.

2. Hey Peanuts!

Selected Cartoons from More Peanuts Vol. II

3. Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Good Grief, More Peanuts! Vol. I

This was one of my first Peanuts books. It was a gift from my Grammie when I was five or so.

4. For the Love of Peanuts!

Good Grief, More Peanuts! Vol. II

*5. Fun With Peanuts*

Good Ol' Charlie Brown Vol I.

6. Here Comes Charlie Brown

Good Ol' Charlie Brown Vol. II

7. Here Comes Snoopy

Snoopy Vol. I

There have been two editions of this book. The first printing shows Snoopy (colored yellow), looming over a strip where he falls asleep on Charlie Brown. The second printing has a whole different cover, with Snoopy (still yellow) dancing, with the title over his head.

8. Good Ol' Snoopy

Snoopy Vol. II

All the strips in Good Ol' Snoopy and Here Comes Snoopy are devoted entirely to Snoopy.

9. Very Funny, Charlie Brown

You're Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown Vol. I

This was another of my first books from good ol' Grammie.

10. What Next, Charlie Brown?

You're Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown Vol. II

11. We're On Your Side, Charlie Brown

But We Love You, Charlie Brown Vol. I

12. You Are To Much, Charlie Brown

But We Love You, Charlie Brown Vol. II

13. You're A Winner, Charlie Brown

Go Fly A Kite, Charlie Brown Vol. I

14. Let's Face It, Charlie Brown

Go Fly A Kite, Charlie Brown Vol. II

15. Who Do You Think You Are, Charlie Brown?

Peanuts Every Sunday Vol. I

16. You're My Hero, Charlie Brown

Peanuts Every Sunday Vol. II.

17. This Is Your Life, Charlie Brown

It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown Vol. I

18. Slide, Charlie Brown, Slide!

It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown Vol. II

19. All This and Snoopy Too

You Can't Win, Charlie Brown Vol. I

20. Here's To You, Charlie Brown

You Can't Win, Charlie Brown Vol. II

21. We Love You, Snoopy

Snoopy Come Home

This was the only FC that was culled from Snoopy Come Home.

22. Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown

You Can Do It, Charlie Brown Vol. I

23. You're A Brave Man, Charlie Brown

You Can Do It, Charlie Brown Vol. II

24. Peanuts For Everybody

We're Right Behind You Vol. I

*25. You've Done It Again, Charlie Brown*

We're Right Behind You Vol. II

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

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You're The Guest of Honor, Charlie Brown