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You're The Guest of Honor, Charlie Brown

Last Updated August 7, 2002

Hello and welcome to "You're the Guest of Honor, Charlie Brown". Charles M. Schulz and the Peanuts gang are very important to me, and I wish to bring my love of these wonderful characters to you through this website. I promise to put continued efforts into making this website something great. Thanks for coming, and enjoy your stay.

--Note-- I have officially graduated from high school and now I am moving on to Trinity Western University in BC! I won't have access to my Peanuts collection during this time as I am leaving it at home (there's no way I'd be able to fit all my books and stuff into a dorm room). I have decided to take an official hiatus from the site while I am away, but please continue e-mailing me and I will help as best I can. Thanks for coming and I'll see you later.

Peanuts Library

The start of the massive Chronological Fawcett Crest List

You're Our Hero, Charlie Brown

Information on Current and Not-So-Current Items

These websites are some of the best I've ever seen:

The Peanuts Collector Club Derrick Bang's incredible site (a must see for every Peanuts fan).

Nat Gertler's Nat's definitive lists are extremly comprehensive and he even runs his own Peanuts store through Amazon.

Scott McGuire's Peanuts Animation and Reprints Page Scott McGuire's mind-blowing site with pretty much everthing about Peanuts Animation.

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All Peanuts art is copywrighted by the United Feature Syndicate. It is used here without any intention of profit or gain.