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anastasia freehand drawing I did in MetaCreations Photoshop project I did in Intro to Cyber Art Your Brain On College.  Any Questions? an airbrushed eye airbrushed using a photopaint program From the Shang Comic book series coming soon at From the Shang comic book coming soon to cyber comics on Zippydo this is a cool character I made in Freehand I plan to go places with this character This is a picture of a bottle that I did in a 2D drawing program Ink pen rendering of a printmaking project check out pamela with butterfly wings Detailed pencil drawing of the character a moment in time Finished project of the 3D drawing started in the first picture another moment in time this is a 2D drawing done in a drawing program for the 3D skin I used in the next picture click to see it. another picture done in a 2D drawing program car without background edited in photopaint program Elements of time being illustrated using Photoshop