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Welcome to The NGO
SASE - Open (still unlimited)
Distro - Open (6 tape limit)
Trades - Open
Current Turn around - about 2 weeks 
Pages last updated - 04/16/02
status is updated at least once every 2 days (usually ^^)

Welcome to The NGO
-official distro for Vortex Fansubs
:-: 04/08/02 Yeah, yeah I know. I've been slacking lately. I haven't stopped doing tapes or anything it's just that it's been hard to find time to update the site.  Oh well. Jeez, I make a lot of excuses for not updating my site on time, don't i? ^_^
Anyway, I'm gonna add some tapes to the list tomorrow. Nothing particularly special, just more anime to add to the collection.  See ya then...
:-: 02/08/02 Well, Penny over at Vortex let me know that ADV has licensed the B'tX tv series. I've taken it off of the list. The ova series, Neo, is still up. ADV only said they have the TV. If they do announce that they have the ova as well I will take it down. I never thought B'tX would be licensed so this came as kind of a shocker. I'm happy though. If B'tX does well it will pave the way for other series like Saint Seiya to come over. Wow, seems like most everything is getting picked up these days.
:-: 02/03/02 Wow, I'm starting to update regularly again ^_^
I added some new tapes to the list. Special thanks go to May Kwok for giving me the last batch of Kaitou Jeanne tapes so that I could finally complete the series. Thank you so much May! Also, I'm really close to finishing off ZZ. Just a bit more time.
:-: I'd also like to post  my farewell to Odyssey Anime. For those who don't know Odyssey closed their doors and will no longer be subtitling. The will be greatly missed. Odyssey provided some of the best fansubbed tapes that I have ever seen and it's sad to know I won't be seeing any more, however, I'll always remember them as one of the last great traditional subbers. Sayonara Odyssey.
:-: 01/27/02 Hey. Well, I've come to my decision about the SASE issue. By far most people want me to just do SASE. Still, there is a small number of people who really, really don't want me to let reimbursement go. I came to a compromise.  There will be a 6 tape limit from now on for all reimbursement requests. I think that's pretty fair. The rules for SASE remain unchanged, you can still send an unlimited number of tapes.
:-: 12/26/01 *dusts of the site* wow, it's been a while since i updated. A long while. Sorry about that. Those that i've traded with or people who requested recently have had to wait way longer than my normal turn around. Sorry about that too. I've just had to devote myself to other things besides my distro recently.  The good news is that I've got most things sorted out and I can get back to my normal operations. For awhile I even considered closing my distro down completely but now I don't see that happening any time soon ^^ So, I may be a little tired and a little bit worn out, but i'm far from quitting.  I'm back on my feet now so expect the next update a lot sooner!
:-: Another thing.  I'm seriously considering going to SASE and trade only.  I just might drop reimbursement altogether. Now wait, there's logic behind this.  I figured it out and around 70% of all requests are SASE and about 80% of all tapes that go out are through SASE/trade.  SASE is just easier for me.  Still I don't know for sure.  I'd like some input on this so if you have an opinion email me and tell me what you think. If a lot of people still want reimbursement then I'll keep it.  Here's a link to my email
:-: 11/14/01 Hey. Sorry to run off but I'll be leaving this weekend. I won't be able to work on requests so the turn around is gonna go up a bit, sorry.  I'll be back on monday so it won't be too long.  I should have most of the requests sent off the day after i get back.  See ya then...
:-: 11/07/01 Well, today is a very important day for me. I finally completed my favorite series, Z Gundam.  It took me a hell of a while (about 2 and a half years) but i finally did it.  I must say it was worth it. What an ending. If you haven't seen it, and i'm guessing most of you haven't, you missing out big time.  It's a phenomenal end to a phenomenal series.  Also, I had another treat today, I found the complete ZZ series in very good quality. I should have those tapes in a few weeks. Another good thing happened too. My friend Steve who i trade with often sold me his VHS master tape of Char's Counterattack that he sponsored some time ago. It was subbed by Mayonaka back in the day ^^ I'll keep up the LGA version I have as well so people can pick which one they want. What a day, what a day.  ^_^
:-: 10/29/01 All I can say is that it has been a very, very hectic month.  I've had so much school work that I don't know how i got through these last few weeks.  The site has suffered a bit because of it (the last update was almost a month ago -_-) Thankfully i can start to get back to my normal routine now. Lots of new tapes in.  Got a new master from Vortex. The beautiful B'tX vol 2 . As always, Penny has provided me with another awesome piece of art.  Also got some new ZZ tapes in ^___^ vol 3, a new copy of 4, vol 6 and vol 11.  I'm so happy to have these tapes. I thought i would never find any more ZZ.  I still need a lot of the series though, if anybody out there has tapes, please let me know!
Also, thanks to Oz the great I now have the complete series of Turn A gundam (another series i didn't think i would finish) Arigatou Oz!
Still more tapes to add. I have quite a few volumes of Hime Chan's ribbon. I haven't looked the tapes over yet so they won't go on the list tonight, but expect them up in the next couple days.
And on a final note my tape of Zeta vol 13 will be here within the week!
What a great end to a not so great month.
:-: 10/05/01 Hey. Added one tape to the list.  It's the Initial D third stage special disc. It's a making of tape for third stage and it's really really cool!  My thanks go out to Vortex for sending it to me. I also removed Himiko-den as it has been liscened by CPM. It's a pretty good show, can't wait for the dvds ^,^  Also added an old news page.  I'm doing a litte fall clean up around the site. The new doesn't go back to far though.  I can't seem to find the old files with the news back before the end of 2000. Oh well. Anyway if you're in the mood for some good old fasioned NGO news, you know where to look.
:-: 09/29/01 Hey. I meant to update the last couple days, but I was moving everything over to my new computer and switching over my cable modem (Finally a new computer. It's hella awesome too!). More tapes from Vortex. The long awaited Initial D third stage is finally here! What an awesome movie; I don't know how it could be better. Also got Cyber Formula Graffiti and B'tX vol one. I must say this is muuuuch nicer than Hecto's old tv source tape. Arigatou for the excellent tapes Penny!
:-: 09/18/01 Hey. Well, updates have been slim the last couple weeks. Not much to update plus I got slammed with work, not a suprise...... Anyway, I got a tape from Vortex. Cyber Formula vol 1. It's soooo cool. Very nice series. Arigatou Penny! I should have more masters coming from Penny once the P.O. gets around to delivering them :P Also added ZZ gundam vol 1-2 and vol 4. Quality isn't perfect by far, but as god as my witness it's the very best I could do. I am going to try to replace vol 1 soon though.
:-: 08/28/01 Hey all. Updated the list. I added Future Boy Conan. I'm watching it right now and it's turning out to be pretty good. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. I've got more stuff to add tomorrow once I look it over, but that can wait till..... um tomorrow. later
:-: 08/27/01 I'm baaaack..... thanks for the patience everyone. Sorry I took off like that without warning. Never again, I've got tapes to add, but it's late and that can wait till tomorrow ^^ Anyways, everything's back open again so feel free to request and ask for trades again. Trades are limited right now though (cash flow is hurting now that i'm back in school) It was a nice break, but i'm back in full force now. Thanks again for putting up with my absence!
:-: 08/10/01 Hey all. Sorry for the short notice about this. But Angel fire was having server problems and I couldn't update my site at all until today (damn angelfire, talk about bad timing). Good thing it started working today too because this was the last chance I got. I'll be leaving for vacation for 2 weeks starting the 10th (yes, today) . That means I have to close down until i get back at the end of august. I feel terrible having done this without giving any notice, but I can't help it. I really am sorry. I will be back in full force in 2 weeks so please try to bare with me. I won't have access to a computer. So please wait to write me until after I get back on the 27th. My apologies again. Also I really don't want something like this to happen again so I'll probably be leaving angelfire soon. I'll post my new address once I get one.

-clint (and if I didn't say it enough before, I'm really sorry!!)

:-: 07/21/01 Hey everyone. It's been a long time since my last update. I've been busy with a lot of stuff. I've been pulling a lot of overtime at work not to mention putting in a lot of overtime in on Gran Turismo 3 ^^. But i'm trying to get it back together. Anywho I FINALLY got some new tapes of Zeta vol 1-4. All new copies and all in EX quality (now if this trade comes through for vol 13 I can die happy) Other than that I will be removing Char's Counterattack from the list soon. Bandai has started work on it (this is a good sign that they will do Zeta so i'm happy) Anways if you want a tape of CCA you have 2 weeks until I take it off the list.
:-: In other news my friend Jeffrey has decided to shut down his distro. He ran Junanagou Fansubs and more recently, Shingo distro. Jeffrey was kind of like my mentor when I first started my distro so long ago and I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him. He provided a great service to alot of us. I owe you alot Jeffrey; I hope we don't fall apart without you ^^ Good luck on your future ventures.
:-: 07/08/01 My my, lots of stuff got licensed and was announced at AX recently. There a whole list to check out at there's another list the you can check out on the message boards at too. Anyways, Berserk finally got licensed (by MB, not by Urban) so it's being removed from the list. I'm glad that MB picked it up, they are my second favorite company after all, falling only to bandai.
:-: 07/03/01 Hey all. I had to put a limit on SASE and distro for a little while. I've got more tapes to make than I can get out in a timely manner so I set a temporary limit. I should be able to like lift it in a while once I get things around.
:-: Also, Weiß Kreuz has been licensed by Media Blasters so I'm taking it off the list.. Have these companies gone insane? First VPM and FLCL, now Weiß. Seems like almost anything can be licensed these days....
:-: And hey, everyone have a happy 4th. I'll be using the day off to catch up on some tape watching, hope you guys have fun too, just don't blow your hand off with a firecracker or anything ^^

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