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  • Vegeta's Training
  • By Jeremy
  • Rating:None Yet

    Vegeta hated to train. He knew he was powerful. But he always wondered why his father would make him train day, after day, after day. He felt himself get stornger after he trained. But he was getting tried of beating up weaklings, he wanted a challenge, we wanted someone stronger than he. He wanted to fight a Empireal Soldier. After his days training, he spoke to his father, "Dad, can I fight one of your guards?" King Vegeta was suprised by his sons request, yet he answered,"If you can defeat one of the lower one first, then you may," This, of course; aggravated Vegeta, but he knew better."May I do it now then?" He asked. His father laughed, this was very unusual to see him laugh. Yet Vegeta's mother was still around at the time, he always seemed happier when she was around. "Elorong, come here at ONCE!", shouted the King. Almost immeditly a strong willed soldier came running up to his king, and dropped to his feet. "You beconded, My Leige?", the king looked at the soldier for a moment, then to his son. "You are to fight my son," Although slightly worried that his son might die, he knew the healing technology they had would fix him up nicely. The soldier was first taken aback at first, but knowing if he disobeyed his king, he would be punished. As the soldier waited for the young Prince to step down from his throne, Vegeta studied the soldier, wondering why his father choose such a weakling to fight him. Once the Prince's foot touched the soldier grabed him and threw him across the hall. Vegeta is surprised with the soldier strength, for he looks as if he could barely lift him self. "Oh yes son, this soldier knows how to control his ki," his father said with a chuckle. His mother had a concerned look on her face, wishing they weren't fighting. Vegeta ran at Elorong hoping to hit him, he had heard about people who control their ki. They can move faster than anything, that they can fly, and shoot energy from their hands. Which, Vegeta feared the most, since they say the blast can kill someone. Elorong simply stood straight, looked at the king. The king just nodded. As Elorong turned his head he saw the young Prince almost ten feet away. Elorong just raised one hand only bending at the elbow. A geyser of ki apppeared in fornt of him, also stopping the Prince. The Prince, though badly hurt, stood up with a smile on his face. Elorong, wondering why he was smiling, asked "Why do you smile Prince?" Vegeta stood there, and slowly raised his arm, also his hair was raising too. Slightly taken back Elorong wondered what was happening. As Vegeta's arm became parrel to the floor, his hair now looked like his fathers. He then raised his hand to form a 90 degree angle. Elorong felt energy flowing from the Prince, he only reacted. He flung his arms in front of him palms outward, hoping to defend himself. Vegeta then said, with an odd tone "Big Bang Attack!" The lowly soldier with his arms out is blasted into thousands of pieces, as well as some of the wall, and half of the room next door. The King was surpised by his sons abilty to utilize his ki without any training for controlling it. Vegeta still smiling, falls over, asleep. His father smiles, knowing his son is very tried. Yet his mother still rushes to him, and cradles him is her arms. Singing, she takes him to a Restoration Camber. After his recooperation, Vegeta's father sent him to be taught how to control his ki. His teacher were astonished. He was not only, able to shoot energy blasts, but different types, each of different strenghts. And he was able to fly faster than any of the others. He was also able to manipulate objects around him, not just his hair. He has able to crush a rock across the room. He was even capable of creating an explosion around him, without hurting him self.His father was impressed on how well Vegeta was doing. He thought he would be able to take on some of his, more skilled guards. One day, the King was feeling rather bored, he called out his favourite guard "Nappa, come here a second," Nappa, being one of complete obeidance, quickly arrived at his King's feet. "Yes, Me' Lord" he said without any emotion. The King smiled, "Play with my son Nappa," Nappa's eyebrow raised immedeitly, but it went un-noticed. "If you say, Me' Lord," Nappa said while raising. "Don't hesitate in punishing him if he does anything bad," the King added. Nappa wondered what the King ment, but as he looked at the King, the King winked, and Nappa knew what was going to happen. Now, Nappa knew that Vegeta was powerful. He just didn't how powerful the little tyke was. As Nappa entered the Prince's room, he felt a powerful energy flowing from it. Nappa had just enterupted him trying to power-up, but his teachers haven't been able to teach him fully. They only taught him how to bring himself to his full, normal, power. He, on the other hand; wanted to be able to increase his power, instead of just hitting his limit. Nappa, was at first frightened by the boys power, but then realized, though the young Prince's efforts were getting him nowhere, Nappa knew his highest power. Which, thankfully, was lower than his. Vegeta, just realized that this, old, ugly, unworthy soldier had been sent to fight him. Vegeta looked at him with disgust, "I shouldn't beat up old men, my Father doesn't think I can. Does he?" he says. Nappa bowed to the Prince, then escorted the Prince to the Royal Sparring Grounds. This area had been made, hastilly, by Frieza's men to please the King. They were, of course, some of the weaker forces of Frieza. The few specialities of the area, was that the gavitity was 5 times normal on planet Vegeta, and that a large amount of oxygen isn't present in it either. "Come now, old man. You'll pass out before we get started!" sported Vegeta. Nappa grunted. He then assumed his fighting possision, commonly know to us as the "Flying Locus", but to them, it was a stance of power, disiplene, and staninma. Vegeta cocked his head to one side and laughed, "You think you can beat me, Old Man?" Nappa then dissappeared from the Prince's sight. Although slightly frightened at first, our young endoverour could feel Nappa's power. He quickly spun around with a back-kick aimed to Nappa's head. Nappa wasn't there. After a few minutes of hit an' miss, Nappa decided to punsish Vegeta of being a complete ass. In just under a minute Nappa had landed a serious blow. Vegeta's little body flopped around the area. Nappa assumed that Vegeta was no longer powerful enough to hold him self up. Big mistake, as he bent over to pick him up, Vegeta shot a blast right at his head, but it wasn't strong enough to hurt him, just strong enough to blast off his hair and burn the skin. As Nappa carried Vegeta to the Restoration Camber, he knew his recoop wouldn't take as long, but it would still be a lengthy amount of time.

    ***6 Years Later***
    Over the past years, Vegeta wad gotten stronger, as well as his favourite sparring partner, Nappa. Although Nappa is in his 50's, nobody notices because his hair doesn't show his age. Simply because he doesn't have any. Vegeta on the other hand, is now 12. His power is far beyond what any could imagine. His father has gone through many wives the past years, each giving him another daugther. He thought it was the influance of Frieza's power that contantly changed his sons into girls while still in thier mothers. Plotting to kill Frieza, he was given the choice to either give his only son to Frieza or die. A few months after giving him to Frieza, King Vegeta decided to attack. Throughout this battle many of the saiyans and many of Frieza's men died. Among these dead were King Vegeta and Bardock, the saiyan genuis who taught Vegeta the Simulated Moon Blast. The few suriving saiyan's were Vegeta, Aparagus, Brolie, Nappa, Raditz, and unthankfully, Kakkarot. During Vegeta's nine month stay before he could goto any planet he choose for a year. He trained hard with Frieza's superior technology, only to become more powerful than 90% of Frieza's men. Also during this time, he devoloped many enemies with parts of the Ginyu force and some of the stronger soldiers. Vegeta just toyed with them, but Frieza always seeemed to intervene. Frieza's men always thought it was so they didn't kill Vegeta, but little did they know it was to save them from Vegeta. When it was time for Vegeta to go, he was able to take two other people with him. Although he didn't really want to, he choose Nappa and Raditz to go along with him, so he would have his "family" with him. When Frieza asked which planet he wanted to goto, he looked at the start maps, and saw a little planet by the name of "Earth". This surpised him, not too long ago they had sent Kakkarot to destory it for Frieza. Vegeta point to Earth, deciding to finish off Kakarot. Since he hasn't done his job. Frieza said "Oh, way such a far away place, Vegeta?" Vegeta grunted. Frieza looked at Vegeta, then ordered his men to ready 3 space pods for the trip, as well as them, all the time looking at Vegeta. As the 3 saiyans left, the whole base cheered, they had finally gotten rid of the fithy beasts.
    ***1 Month Later***
    Vegeta landed at his destanation, Earth. Luckily, Vegeta had managed to ditch Nappa and that goof Raditz on a another planet and changing where their final destanation was, back to Frieza. Vegeta didn't want anyone to interfere. After Vegeta's landing, he decided that he was hungry, and since he was always used to getting what he wanted without interference, some humans died in the latter. After his light meal, Vegeta started to scout out the Earth manually, since he was without a scouter. When he got close to believing that Kakkarot was dead, because he saw no one with even a weak saiyan power. After a few days of searching, he was about to give up. Then he remembered seeing two boys, a girl, and an old man training. All but the girl anyways. Vegeta watched them, seeing if they remotely came anywhere close to his power.
    ***One Week later***
    Vegeta was amazed at the two boys ablity, when ever one passed the other up, the other caught up quickly. Vegeta knew that the one with the odd hair must be a saiyan, because he saw a glimps of a tail at one of the training sessions. Vegeta then decided that he was going to be one of them. He flew off to a clothing store, got some new clothes, a pair of kaki pants and a tank-top. He left without paying, but nobody dared talk to him. Mostly because they say a 12 year old boy with more muscles than He-Man. He then went to a libary to study up on the human race, first it was hard on him, but he got help from one of the other boys in the libary. He thanked him, then told him his secret, which the boy laughed at. Vegeta didn't take this too kindly, so, he killed him. Vegeta then flew to where he had seen the boys training, he floated above them abit and looked around, he then saw a patch of space about 20 miles or so away from them. "A good place to set up camp, I think." Vegeta thought aloud. As Vegeta flys off, leaving a trail of energy, Tien looked up and saw it, but thought it to be a cloud. When Vegeta arrived at his new home, he found a large bear with a burnt back. As the bear roared and swiped at Vegeta, he can't help but laugh. He then moves such as Tien did when he fought the bear, but Vegeta ends up behind the bear. He then promptly begins to power up slightly and hurls the energy at the beast, killing and cooking it instantly. As Vegeta dines on his meat, he begins to wonder how this bear happened to get such a circluar burn on it's back. Though it was a slight thought, it disturbed him thoughout the night. Vegeta hadn't gotten any sleep that night, which made him grumpier than usual. Vegeta decided that his body was starting to weaken since he hadn't trained in over a month, and only with a few small fights. Though they were nothing to add to his already tremendous power for a boy. Even for a saiyan. Vegeta went thought his normal training porcess, but found that it was rather easy on this planet. He figured that the gravity was weaker here than on planet Vegeta. He promply decided to test his limits on this planet. Vegeta soon found out that his limits were ten times higher than ever before. Vegeta then thought aloud, "I must find something to train against, that is extremely hard." He then looked around, and spotted a large mountain. He smiled, then flew off to the mountain, faster than he thought he could go. His speed placed him past the mountain. Vegeta knew that with this new found knoweldge of himself, that he could go faster and harder than before. He decided that he would need to get used to the gravity. "This will take awhile, Vegeta," he said. He flew back to his camp, making sure to try to stop a bit before making it there. Vegeta spent many hours learning how to conrol his new speed and power. When he finished for the day, he discovered that it was approaching night-time, and that he was tired. He went to sleep without eating, but he was too tired to care. When Vegeta awoke, it was already mid-afternoon and he was hungry. Too hungry to think straight in fact. He stumbled around the woods looking for something to eat, grabbing nuts, berries, and fruits along the way, eating them as he walked. When he was finally able to think striagt, he found himself near the trainning place of Kakkarot and that other boy. As he watched on, he saw that the two of them were as strong as he. Vegeta's eyes widend with surprise. He saw them moving faster than he did aswell. He looked harder and saw that their clothes were droppier than his and seemed to sway when ever they moved. He figured that their clothes must be weighted by the way they moved. He then noticed that there was someone else watching them fight. It was that girl that he saw the first time. He noticed that she seemed to be watching the other boy more than Kakkarot. After awhile he became disgusted with watching them and decided to go find some more food, and then train a bit. Vegeta flew off leaving that same cloud-like trail, but only the girl saw it, and became slightly worried. When Vegeta was done looking for food, he was thirsty and tired. "Another day wasted!" cursed Vegeta. He then flew off towards a nearby waterfall that he had found on his endevour for food. He bathed and drink from it, he also found fish here. He figured he should make a note of this. He walked back to his camp site and fell asleep as he laid down. He awoke before dawn and decided that he should do some serious training. He got up, and immedately ate a fruit and two berries from last nights gathering. He flew off to the mountain, and now that he was proficent with his speed, began his rigorious training apon the mountian side. After a few hours of his type of training, his hands and feet were bleeding slightly. He grunted, and used his powers to burn the flesh over the wounds to keep them from bleeding anymore. "I should see about my energy blasts now, yes?" he questioned himself. He nodded and flew into the air. He flew into the clouds to keep anyone from seeing him, for they might come to him and start a fight. Which in his current state wouldn't be a good thing. He powered up, amazed on how high it was on this planet, even if it was only a small amount. He then focused his energy into a large ball in front of him. He then flew back sevral feet. As his mind went over what different direction the ball would go, his consious became unaware of what he was thinking. The ball then flew towards him, using a randomized pattern. He dogded it sevral times, which even his mind didn't think he could do. The ball then split up into hundreds of little balls and started flying at him from every direction. He managed to dodge half the first few times, but he was hit by the rest. He was hurt, but not a whole lot. As he looked at the balls zooming around, he noticed that he was able to see them as they flew faster and faster. He continued to dogde them as they got faster, only a few hit him. After minutes of dogding, the balls reformed into a small ball. Though it was small, it was pumped up with power. He laughed at the ball as it slid towards him. He just stood there as the ball inched foward. He looked at it as it came within ten inches of his chest, and poked it. The ball promptly exploded, causing Vegeta to take on some serious damage. He flew to the ground half dead. He landed on the ground, weak, and bearly able to move. He was strong enough to crawl over to his food and eat a bit before going into a unwilling sleep. He awoke slightly, only to find that girl standing above him moving her mouth, though he couldn't hear her. He then saw Kakkarot and the other boy run up to her. He shifted his body, and was then picked up by the boys and carried back to Gohan's house. They carried him into a room with a bed, and laid him on the bed. He was awake, but bearly. He saw the girl and an old man standing to his left, seeming to talk, but agian he couldn't hear them. He looked to his right to see who they were talking to, and he saw Kakkarot and the other boy. His eyes fluttered, and he fell back asleep.
    ***One Week Later***
    Vegeta was awoken by sunlight hitting his eyes. He then sat up slowly. He found it very difficult to do for some reason. When he was finally sitting up, he looked at himself only to find that he was banaged all over. He held his head, which hurt a bit. He sighed deeply, breathing through his nose, and he smelled something good. He then carefully got out of bed, and walked to the door. It took him awhile to get it open, but when he did he fell onto the floor because he was leaning on it. He got back up, and slumped onto the wall for support. He then dragged his feet while walking towards the smell. When he made it near the smell, he saw the girl cooking something on a large metal object. He then leaned onto the doorway, holding his left arm. The girl looked out an open window and shouted out "Dinner's ready boys!" This surprised Vegeta so much, he fell over and onto the floor. The girl heard him hit the ground and looked over to him, she then ran over to him to help him up, but when she got there he was already halfway up. When she laid a hand onto his back to help him, he shouted "Don't you help me!" The girl was surprised and jumped back. When Vegeta was finally standing upright, Kakkarot, the boy, and the old man were standing in the doorway to outside. The old man then stepped forward and introduced him self and the others. "I'm Gohan, this is Goku, my son, beside him is his new friend Tien, and the one beside you is Tracy. What is your name lad?" Vegeta looked at Goku and squinted, and then said, "My name is Vegeta," They all smiled, and Tracy then asked Vegeta, "Do you want anything to eat?" Vegeta only nodded, still looking at Goku. As the other sat down at the table, Tracy helped him into a chair, though he didn't want any help. He just keep looking at Goku. Tracy then brought everyone a plate of food, which Goku and Tien immedately began to eat. And Gohan ate his after Tracy had given Vegeta a plate of food. He glanced down at the food, then returned his gaze to Goku. Tracy then sat beside Tien and began to eat. Vegeta ate slowly. The other finished before he did. Though they held a conversation, he didn't take part of it. When he was finished, he stood up and walked back to his room. He laid on his bed and began to sleep. When he woke up the next day, the sun had just come up. He got up, and flexed and stretched his arms and legs. He smiled and tore off the bandages. He walked out side his room, and on outside the house. It was cold outside, mostly because he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Vegeta stood and watched the sun rise, he also noticed that a storm approaching. He heard a snap of a twig, and spun around ready to kill whatever had caused the noise. He relaxed as he saw that it was Tracy. "A storm is approaching, girl" Vegeta noted. Tracy scowled at him a bit and turned around saying "I'll tell the others, and stop calling me 'girl'!" Vegeta snorted, and turned back to the sunrise at hand. Before Tracy had gotten out of sight of Vegeta, she looked back and saw him fly off towards the storm, she then ran back to the house. Vegeta was flying off to the storm to get some good old training in before trying to get that old man to put some weights in his clothes. Vegeta was pleased as he got into the heart of the storm, since it was a powerful storm. There was lighting and a enormous tornado a little distance away. Vegeta flew right through the storm testing his speed and his abilties to play around with his immedate area. He found that he was able to redirect the lighting by hitting it with his hands or feet, but the direction it went was limited to the way he hit it. Before Vegeta knew what was happening, he was fighting from being sucked into the tornado. After many hours of battling from being sucked in, he noticed that the storm was getting extremely close to thse house. Vegeta then got worried about the.... house, and turned and fired all his energy at the tornado and it's clouds. His actions not only caused the stopping of the tornado and the storm, and saving the house, but also cleared some of the forest. Vegeta smiled, then grunted as his energy hit it's last, and fell towards the ground. When Vegeta hit the ground he bounced back up a good deal, which Tracy had noticed both since he landed infront of the window she was looking out of. Tracy ran all over the house to find someone, but soon remembered that everyone but Vegeta had gone to see Roshi today. She then ran back to Vegeta and dragged his lifeless body back inside and onto the couch. Tracy then hurried to the medical kit Gohan has stored away, after she grabs it, she runs back to Vegeta and starts to bandage him up. Yet when she gets to Vegeta's waist, he suddenly wakes up, and without thinking, slaps her weakly. Though he didn't have much energy in him, it was enough to knock her back and give her a bruised lip. He then falls back asleep, not even realizing what he just did. Tracy gets back you, though a little pained, but not undonted. Goes back to wraping up Vegeta, and when she finishes, tries to take care of the bruise on her face. A few hours pass, Tracy has carried Vegeta up to his bed, and now Gohan, Tien, and Goku are back and talking with Tracy. "What in the world happened to your face?!?" Tien demanded. Tracy explained what all had happen today, which made Tien very angry. He quickly made his way to Vegeta room and broke down the door. "Vegeta!!" yelled Tien. Tien was surprised to see Vegeta's curtians open, along with the window. Tien growled loudly then flew out the window with all of his speed. Sadly which, is a little fast, so he was unable to catch Vegeta laughing from the roof. Vegeta floated back down to the balcony, which to his surprise, he saw Tracy standing at the banister looking out in the direction that Tien had flown. "Don't get killed Tien..."she said quietly. Vegeta was smiling when she turned around, and out of her fright, she almost fell off the balcony. Luckly for her, Vegeta used his energy to keep her afloat."I don't need your help Vegeta. I can fly you know" stated Tracy. Vegeta snorted, and stoped using his energy to keep her afloat. She feel abit before getting back up to the balcony, scowling at him, she flew past him and back to her room. Vegeta laughed, and then looks of in the direction Tien flew, smiling he raises his hand above his head and creates a ball of concentrated energy. He grunted as he tossed the ball into the clearing which he made awhile ago, creating a large explosion. So large in fact, that Tien was able to see it. This enraged him and he started to fly back to the house, his body flares with his energy as he flies faster than before. He lands on Vegeta's balcony with a loud thud, waking Kakkarot, Gohan, and Tracy since they had gone to sleep a few minutes before. Everyone runs to Vegeta's room, and sees Vegeta standing in front of Tien, defiant, though bandaged loosely, his muscles can be seen. Tien stands with a fire in his eyes, both Vegeta and Tien seem to muscled equally. Tien rages and dashes right at Vegeta, his technique was poor. Vegeta quickly grabs Tien, and tosses him outside, and then flies after him. Everybody runs to Vegeta's balcony wanting to watch the fight closely, Goku is ready at a moments notice to jump in to help out his buddy Tien. Tien picked himself up, and was really mad. "You aren't going to win in your current state of mind, Tien. You do know that, Right?" laughed Vegeta. Tien was dumbfounded, he stood there, realizing what he said was true. Tien thinks, "I can't beat him while I'm angry. I've gotta push it aside to beat him up." Vegeta cocked his head to one side at the fact that Tien relaxed so quickly. Tien grinned with the fact that he surprised Vegeta. Vegeta growled quietly and took a fighting stance. Tien, who has started to enjoy all this fighting, takes his own stance. Vegeta yelled loudly as a blue aura of energy surrounded him and he increased his power quite a bit and his sized also grew. Tien smiled as he did the same, the only difference his was lighter, he only hit his maximum power, and his size didn't change any. Gohan knew Vegeta was the stronger person in this match, though no one else did, except Vegeta. Tien already at his maximum power and unable to go any further, shot a Dondon Pa at Vegeta. This shot flew rather fast and with deadly accuracy at Vegeta's chest. Vegeta was caught off guard by this shot, and was hit directly in the chest without being able to block. Once the shot connected with Vegeta's chest, it exploded and created a large wall of thick, smelly smoke. This smoke reeked of burnt flesh and hair. Vegeta yelled in fury, and raised his hands over his head and said with a deafening tone, "Galick Gun!" With his words, a ball of massive pinkish energy formed in his hands, and his body was surrounded by the same color of energy. As Vegeta lowered his hands to Tien and prepared to fire the blast, he was kicked in the back of the head by Kakkarot. Which Kakkarot had used the combined energies of Gohan and Tracy, along with his own. The sheer force of the kick was emphasized by a loud sonic boom, and the crack of energy once Goku's foot connected to Vegeta skull. Vegeta was only knocked unconscious by the attack, but not before releasing 1/3 of the energy for his attack, which Tien managed to block with his arms. Tien survived, but his arms did not, they were burned badly and in some place you could see the bone, or the muscles laying beneath his flesh. Tracy looked at Tien with horror before passing out into Gohan's arms, which upon contact with his arms, Gohan carried he inside and got a cold, damp rag and placed it on her forehead. Back at the action, Goku stood grinning stupidly like every form of Goku does, and laughing lightly as a little bit of blood oozed from Vegeta mouth and nose. Tien dropped his smoking arms, and looked at Goku quizzically, which only made Goku grin ever stupider (That isn't a word, but it works...) and he chuckled again. "I bet you could use a senzu, eh Tien?" chuckles Kakkarot, Tien frowned at Kakkarot's naivety and nodded angerly. Goku tossed a senzu bean at Tien's mouth and Tien simply opened his mouth and swallowed it whole. In a matter of moments, Tien’s arms healed completely and he flew back to were Emily should be, with Kakkarot close behind. Gohan stood facing them as they came into his view, and side stepped so they could get to Emily a little quicker. Emily was lying on the ground, unconscious, with a wet towel over her head. Tien and Kakkarot loomed over her, and then Tien, with a sudden urge of compassion, kisses Emily on the lips. Kakkarot, being a naive little boy, shouts out, “Tien! Why are you attacking Emily?!?” Kakkarot then tilt his head sideways, and scratches his head, then asks, “What kind of attack is that anyway?” Gohan answers him with a slap upside Kakkarot’s head, sending him the wall. Emily wakes up in the middle of the kiss, both Tien and Emily know this, and keep on kissing. After a few moments, Gohan clears his throat loudly, and the two lovers part instantly, blushing profusely.
    ***A few hours later***
    Vegeta awoke in a strange place, for Kakkarot, Tien, Gohan, and Emily had channeled their energies to send Vegeta to the America’s. Vegeta did not know this, but he did know that he had been bandaged, placed in casts, and whatnot. Vegeta made a deep, low growl and yelled out Tien’s name. The many nurses and doctors rushed into his room, and pumped many different drugs into him, but mostly pain-killers and sleeping drugs. Vegeta was knocked out instantly. After he was out, the doctors and nurses x-rayed him over and over, simply because he had an abnormality. Vegeta had a tail, which the doctors removed with a simple yank, waking Vegeta up. Vegeta wasn’t happy about that, and began to question them...but not with words. After the SWAT team had been called in, dispatched, and then destroyed, Vegeta calmed down a little. He had a little trouble walking, but he quickly over came it. He began to wonder where he was exactly, and he flew outside and floated high in the air. He looked frantically about him, trying to spot something familiar, but much to his dismay he found nothing familiar to him. Vegeta grunted in dismay, and flew about for several hours, looking here and there trying to find some clue to which he could determine his current location. Never did the thought of asking someone where he was passed through his mind. Although people noticed a flash of blue light blaring through the skies, they took little notice of it. Vegeta flew all across America, once stoping over Roswell, New Mexico. While there, out of a fit of anger he flew about wildly flaring with energy maddly, stopping oddly, and appearing overly random. The American's took Vegeta to be a flying saucer and took many many pictures of him, thinking they were taking pictures of an alien space craft...at least they were taking pictures of an alien. Another time Vegeta stopped in a field, and flew around in odd circle like patterns to see if a scout ship would fly by and see his writting. Saddly, no one thought to send the scout ships since Vegeta was stronger than most life forms on many planets, and since he was a saiyanjin, he would get stronger if he would have been attacked, and lived. Indeed Vegeta had been in fights, and lost, then gotten greatly stronger, so if they would send scout ships, they would return with reports of an overly powerful being on the planet and have it destroyed. Which wouldn't be profitable to Frieza, because he could still clean the planet and sell it for large amounts of monetary units. Vegeta soon gave up his search for where he was, and he flew down to the ground where he landed at Central Park in New York. He looked a little odd in tattered clothes, but when people saw him they did not see the Prince of all Saiyanjins, but they saw a bum on a park bench. Vegeta was depressed, he didn't know where he was, or what to do. The people walking by however, tossed coins at Vegeta's feet, which Vegeta thought was homage to the great Saiyanjin Prince, but they tossed them to him to hope to send him away to lush or something along those lines. Vegeta looked at the coins with a slight curiousity, he didn't know what they were or what they would have been used for, or could be used for. He decided to collect up the objects, but as soon as he did another bum came up and hit him in the back of the head. This caused Vegeta to drop the coins, and fall over, which the bum took advantage over. The bum took the coins, and searched Vegeta quickly for anything else of value, though finding none. Vegeta was temporally knocked out, but his mind still worked. He was dumbfounded by the fact a human was able to knock him out so easily, and yet had little to no power level detectable. As his eyes slowly fluttered open, he found himself still being searched by the bum. The bum noticed Vegeta stirring, and tried speaking in fear, but couldn't. The bum also tried running, but only fell backwards. Vegeta stood up slowly, shaking his head lightly and looked at the bum with a angry look. Vegeta finally spoke, but a suppressed anger was within his voice, "How did you knock me out human?" The bum was dumbfounded that Vegeta didn't demand the money back, or why he did it, he just wanted to know how he did it! The bum smiled weakly, and said in a slightly garbled voice, "Bum- Rush...that's what it's called...use your weight and speed to hurt people...quite useful." Vegeta looked at the bum a little different, and asked, "Can you teach me it, human?" The bum looked at Vegeta a moment with interest, "Why do you call me human?" Vegeta smiled with bane, "I call you human for you are one." The bum blinks a few times, and coughs lightly as he chuckles, "We'll you're one too buddy." Blinking a few times, Vegeta clutches his right hand, and flexes greatly, and says through clenched teeth, "I am not human. I am the Prince of all Saiyajin! You shall all bow before me!" The bum starts to crack up laughing at the small boy calling himself a prince. ~Yet to be finished Gomennasai~