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  • Tien's Story: Chapter 5:The BIG Question
  • By:Philip
  • Rating:None Yet
    After two years of intense training at Master Roshi’s Island, Tien and Goku were finally able to go home and train however they wished. They now knew the Masenko, Destructo Disk, Dodonpa, and Solar Flare but they only mastered a few of them. Goku mastered the Kamehameha, Masenko and the Solar Flare techniques while Tien mastered the Dodonpa, the Destructo Disk, and the Solar Flare techniques. Goku could detect powerlevels slightly better than Tien though. Tien and Goku were now 14 years old and Tien couldn’t wait to see Tracy again. He had called her almost everyday for the past 2 years. He had secretly developed feelings for the girl. When Tien and Goku landed in the large green field in front of Grandpa Gohan’s house, Tracy and Gohan came running out to greet the two young men. Tien was amazed! Tracy had developed a flawless body. She had the GREATEST curves he had ever seen! She smiled and hugged him. Tien sighed and melted inside. He squeezed her gently and said, “Tracy, I need to talk to you...alone.”. She said O.K. and followed him into the house. “What is it Tien?” asked Tracy as her beautiful brown eyes looked into Tien’s stone grey ones. “Well,” said Tien as he blushed, “I really like you and was wondering if you wanted to, you know, go out with me?” Tien looked at her for what seemed like an eternity. He got extremely nervous. Then it happened. Tracy jumped forward and threw her arms around the boy and said, “I was hoping you would ask! Of course I will!” Tien smiled and kissed her forehead and then took her hand and walked outside to see Goku and Gohan. Goku smiled and said, “So I see that you two are hooked up now huh?” Tien said, “Yep!” answered Tien. Gohan looked at everyone and then said, “I hate to interrupt but I’ve been anxious to see what you all have learned these past few years. Tracy will go first.” Tracy smiled and started to fly around the house at incredible speeds. Tien and Goku were impressed. Tien said, “Good job Tracy!” and Goku finished the statement with, “but now it’s our turn!” The two boys started to fight. Goku landed the first punch and sent Tien flying. Tien thought he saw a kid with freaky looking hair in the sky but he figured he got hit in the face too hard. Goku kicked Tien in the back. Tien had enough of the beating already and threw off his weighted jacket and shirt. He started to yell and a large blue light surrounded him. He flew towards Goku and kicked him in the stomach and then in the nose. Goku didn’t know what had hit him. Gohan murmured, “Tien is still the strongest, darn.” Goku smiled but then got blasted with a weak dodonpa from Tien. Goku coughed up a little blood and then threw off his weighted shirt, or what was left of it anyway, and began to yell. A big blue light surrounded Goku just as it had Tien and Goku smiled again. The two boy’s both disappeared and started to fight at such high speeds that Gohan and Tracy couldn’t see them. Just then, Tien came crashing into the Earth. Tien opened his eyes and saw a blue streak of light where the boy had been. *I’m just hallucinating* he thought as the yellowish light of an oncoming kamehameha came whizzing towards him. After the explosion, Tien threw a destructo disk at Goku but the little guy dodged. Goku then used a solar flare, which blinded Tien, and followed up with a Masenko. Tien felt a burning sensation all around him. He began to regain his vision. After he had fully recovered, Tien used a solar flare that blinded Goku and pummeled him with various punches and kicks. Goku fell to the ground because of being knocked out. Tien fell because of pain and exhaustion. Tien's 6 foot, 200 pound frame was covered with cuts and burns. Goku's 5 foot 8 inch body was really bashed up as well. I might as well include everyone's heights so far. Tracy is 5'6" and 115 lbs and Grandpa Gohan is 5'2" and 180 lbs. Anyways, it took a week for the boys to heal completely.
  • Chapter 6