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  • Tien's Story Chapter 3:The Training
  • By Philip
  • Rating: None Yet
    Tien stretched and yawned as he woke up for his first day of training with Mr. Gohan. As he opened his eyes, he saw Gohan standing in his doorway. "First you eat breakfast, then you stretch, then we train." said Gohan as he threw a pair of baggy green pants and a white sleeveless shirt to Tien. "These clothes are weighted and they are all you will wear for the rest of your training.". Tien took one look at the pants and said, "I don't like them. How about turning my old clothes into weighted ones. Keep the shirt though, I like it. I want you to add the most weight that you can to my cargo jeans and my leather jacket, okay?". Tien threw the clothes to the old man. "Sure, but you'll have to wear what I gave you for today." said Gohan as he walked off with the jeans and jacket. Tien walked into the kitchen and got himself a couple of granola bars and some 2% milk and ate his breakfast. When he finished, he walked outside and began to stretch. He did his stretches for nearly an hour before Gohan told him that it was time to begin training. Tien showed Gohan that he already could fly so he taught Tien various punches and kicks and techniques of many different kinds. At the end of the day, Tien slowly walked back to his room to find the new weighted clothes laying on his bed. Gohan then walked in and said, "I hope you like them. Your training will start at 6:00 tomorrow morning, sleep well.". Tien sighed and tried to pick up the clothes. He couldn't lift them. He was too tired and they were too heavy. He heard Gohan laugh and say, "200 pounds my boy! That's the most I could add!". Tien sighed again and slid the clothes off of the bed and went to sleep.
    *The Next Day*
    Tien awoke with a jump and looked at his alarm clock. It read 5:55. Tien put on his super heavy clothes and sort of walked, more like scooted, into the kitchen and ate a granola bar and drank some milk. He then walked outside and started to stretch. He found it extremely hard to stand up with the new weighted clothing on. It was twice as heavy as him. He was a 95 pound, twelve year old boy. He felt like he was going to die. Then he began his second stretch. After an hour of this painful toil, Gohan came outside, chuckled and told Tien it was time to begin the training. Tien trained for 12 long hard hours before going to his room for the night. Tien took off his weighted jacket and shirt and put on his old white t-shirt. He then took off his weighted pants and started to put on his boxers but before he could completely get the boxers on, Tracy came into the room to give Tien his dinner. When she saw Tien's .....nakedness she gasped, blushed, and turned around. Tien blushed and quickly put on his underwear. Tracy then said, "Here's your dinner Tien, you didn't get to eat with Gohan and I so I thought I should give it to you, er I mean, your dinner that is.". She gave the food to the now dressed boy and started to walk away. As she was leaving, Tien grabbed her arm, spun her around, and planted a kiss right on her small pink lips. She stared at him in amazement and then ran to her room. When she got there, she layed on her bed and smiled. The next two days went basically the same way as the first two. Tien noticed that the weighted clothes wer slowly feeling lighter and he was beginning to muscle up. He wasn't as tired as he used to be after training. After another week of his training, he was able to take the weighted clothes off of himself and fling them over 100 feet away with ease. Gohan noticed Tien's strength growing and decided it was time for him to face an opponent. "Tien!" Gohan yelled, "Come over here for a minute!" Tien stopped his training and flew over to where Gohan was standing and said, "Yes sir?". Gohan said, "I think you're ready to fight my son, Goku.". He then sent Tien to bed for the night. Tien was very excited about the fight to come because tomorrow, he would face his very first huuman (or so he thought) opponent.
  • Chapters 4 & 5