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  • 12-15-01:Hey there everybody, Goku here. I just thought you'd all like to know that we aren't dead yet! We've taken quite a lickin' back here in our world, but we won't stop. Since our X-Mas break is coming up, expect some updates from your's truly! Me, Goku! Now I'll remind you, I don't do quality stuff, but it's gonna be pretty good after awhile!
  • 02-06-01:Things I might intergrate into the rpg are: Hit Points, Ki Points, Certain Places on Planets, A Complete list of used and aviliable names, Spelling list, Japafication of Moves and so forth(Japanese Names), and I might removes some tings too. ALL IS DETRIMENED BY OUR MEMBERS!!!!
  • Uhm...6-16-01? Yep..that's what day it is..this is the only thing I can change right now, why? Cause i fell like it and I am the web master. If you don't like it? Fine. But get this, there are rules to follow, and there are things in big letters for a reason. Also, as a tip, visit every link we have before joining, or sending an email to join.

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