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Goku's Corner

  • 10-21-02: Oh...my...god...I'm sorry I haven't been around lately (like what, almost a year?!?), at least there is some activity here now...hey now, no boos! We're working on getting things back up and running...my friend..we'll call him Veggie Head (Vegeta). Anyway! Vegeta is gonna work on the site, since he's got some time, I might do some new graphics and what not, since I'm in some classes teaching that kind of junk. But anyways, we aren't quite dead yet. We're just...lazy.
  • 12-15-01:Hey there everybody, Goku here. I just thought you'd all like to know that we aren't dead yet! We've taken quite a lickin' back here in our world, but we won't stop. Since our X-Mas break is coming up, expect some updates from your's truly! Me, Goku! Now I'll remind you, I don't do quality stuff, but it's gonna be pretty good after awhile!
  • 02-06-01:Things I might intergrate into the rpg are: Hit Points, Ki Points, Certain Places on Planets, A Complete list of used and aviliable names, Spelling list, Japafication of Moves and so forth(Japanese Names), and I might removes some tings too. ALL IS DETRIMENED BY OUR MEMBERS!!!!
  • Uhm...6-16-01? Yep..that's what day it is..this is the only thing I can change right now, why? Cause i fell like it and I am the web master. If you don't like it? Fine. But get this, there are rules to follow, and there are things in big letters for a reason. Also, as a tip, visit every link we have before joining, or sending an email to join.

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