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O.K. the following pictures contain graphic violence and lots of bad words so dont repeat the words that this page says. Also this is rated for 13 year olds and older so if you are some 5 year old please dont look at these. OK well if you are 13 or older enjoy the pics.

ok the language on these pics are hard to read so I will translate bellow the pic what it says.

F**king As*hol*!

He's done fighting! Now get the fu** off this planet! While your at it take your friend with you

F**k you

This is Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t!

You Lousy rat-B*st*rd

I want to touch Maron's breast

Here is a picture of some one that has the word hell on his shirt

Ah! here is some cool violence that DBZ in Amrerica cut out!

Here is Raditz and Goku when they were hit by Piccolo's beam cannon

Tein geting his head blown off with lots of blood!

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