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Febuary 11, 2000 - Well 2000 does have a nice ring to it! Anyways, I am working on the website if you wanna see what I heave done so far, click here. E-mail me if it's too slow, or if you have any ideas!

January 29, 2000 - I've got most of the sections up and added a few pics, and I am posting mp3s and other downlads and a Gundam Science Section! Well I hope to have it done soon, it's taking longer than I expected. E-mail me if you know where I can find mpegs of the intros for Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz!

January 20, 2000 - Well I am almost done redoing the gundam section, I managed to get some mp3s and midis and a ton more pictures, hopefully they will be up soon! I am trying to learn how to do shockwave hopefully I will have a shocked page up soon too! Keep checking in!

January 5, 2000 - Well I just got started on advertising my page and I've added more pics and soon I hope to get more links and a downloads and polls section up!

January 1, 2000 - This is the opening of my page! Still have more areas to add. Happy new year everyone!