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"I've been an avid devotee of space opera since way back when. I wanted to try drawing a story with a scantily clad blonde bombshell lying about with a sword in outer space, and by god, I did!"

This is a shrine to the Outlanders Manga. Above is a random quote by Manabe, regarding Outlanders. Hit "reload" to see a different quote! Outlanders is Manabe's super space-opera epic. First published by Hakusensha in 1986, it wa the first of his work to really bring him notereity. It spans three years of publication and also spawned a video game and an Anime OVA. Manabe has cited such influences as Star Wars, Flash Gordon and E.E. "Doc" Smith's "Lensman" books, among others.

The Story

The Characters

Early Chara Sketches

The Mecha

Bob Eggleton Covers

The Outlanders OVA

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Santovasku Princess Kahm

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